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Cool, I like it, well the website at least. I do have something to comment though, in your website you put this statement:

I expect all customers to show respect and profesionalism at all times.

I'm not your bro, dude or bra I'm Roger.

I also don't want daily emails about your paints, I'm a good communicator

and will keep you informed as to what stage your textures are at.

That seems a bit harsh, considering people will be paying you $50-$60 for repaints. The customer is giving you a great sum of money for your services, you need to be prepared to deal with any types of communication, If you cant handle communication then don't expect to get Alot of traffic. Its burning me inside that someone who offers that kind of customer service could actually get customers.

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Have to agree with magicflyer on that particular statement. You can't really claim to be a good communicator and precede it by saying you don't want them to contact you. You should be able to estimate work times and respond to them appropriately so they don't need to email you frequently.

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#1 simpilot has the same disclaimer, didn't see anyone busting his balls.

#2 I didn't say customers couldn't contact me. I said they didn't need to email me daily

#3 I have been at this a long time and have put up with a lot of B.S.

#4 I am a straight forward person, if someone can't handle that they are free to have someone else do their paints.

Fact is I do a good job. I guess maybe I do such a good job that two top VA's asked me to do paints for them and I still have the #1 downloaded skin for PHPVms.

From here on out I'll let my work do the talking. If anyone wants good work they know where to find me.

And thanks for the support joeri!! Much appreciated!!

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your register system is not working correctly i entered my email and it said its invalid. you may want to double check that

and just because you may be a good painter and have the the most downloaded skin for phpvms doesn't mean you are going to get any more respect than someone who does not make addons. and on the other-hand good job on that accomplishment but you don't need to use it as if it is a status symbol.

if you really have an issue with people who are PAYING YOU for a service calling you bro dude and bra than you really need pull that stick out from your a** and smell the coffee

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Well I dont think it is respectful to call someone dude, bro or bra if you are paying someone for a service. They have a name, use it. If they are your best friend, then ok, but if you don't know someone, don't use those words.You do not need daily updates of something that is being done. If you think you need daily updates, you have trust issues. If you want to learn more about respect and what it means, read a dictionary.

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