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  1. I don't know if this is a spam or just your lack of paying attention but none of it will work if the airline code is not the three letter code for your virtual airline code flightnum depicao arricao route aircraft flightlevel distance deptime arrtime flighttime notes price flighttype daysofweek enab CODE : AIRLINE CODE flight num : flight number depicao- departing airport code (airport your going from ) 4 letter code arricao : arriving airport code (airport your arriving to ) 4 letter code flight level : altitude / 100 Distance: distance between departing airport and arriving airport Flight time : Duration of flight (mainly airtime) Notes : Anything you'd like the pilot to be aware about the route Price : Price of the ticket Flight Type : write P if it's a Passenger flight C if it's a Cargo Flight and H if it's a Charter flight Days of the week : 1, Monday 2, Tuesday3, Wednesday 4, Thursday 5.Friday , 6 Saturday 0, Sunday For aircraft be sure to use the registration as entered into your phpvms database****
  2. It's harder to explain but I have someone thank you
  3. Greetings virtual airlines/virtual airline owners this is an advertisement to virtual airlines who realistically operate based on the operations of a real world counterpart. I'm thinking of doing a premium scheduling service to airlines who wish to operate real world schedules, registration, fleet, etc. that the real world airline uses. But before I can do that I need a virtual airline to test on. If you'd like to BETA test these schedules, feel free to inboX me or message me at mctairgrant@hotmail.com No significant website data or admin access will be needed however your va must run via Phpvms.
  4. Hey there everybody I'm currently trying to be focusing on the main foundation of my virtual airline which is the website. I am currently seeking someone who will either 1-Design our website or 2-Join my Web Development team for my virtual airline. The kind of template I'm looking for is something abit like http://caribbeanairlinesvirtual.com/en/ in terms of content and we would also be paying for -Custom ACARS -Team Speak Set up. We'll be dealing with domain payment and also we would prefer if our custom ACARS wen't with a departure board like the one at the bottom of this website http://virtualdeltaairlines.hostzi.com/. The price range I'm looking at is between 0 and 350.00 usd in terms of price ranges. If you have any offers please comment below or you could also PM me your price. I'm also looking to pay and have everything done and tested before January 18th 2014.
  5. Thanks so much for the reply. I am intending to start a virtual airline based mainly using Beech craft 1900 and we were intending to start from small to big and use phpvms and grow depending on our va finances in phpvms. We would start using 4 aircraft and make a detailed schedule instead of the usual 1 plane per route. We would go towards realistic expenses and ticket costs.
  6. Hey everyone my name is Mctair Grant and I'm currently interested in starting a virtual airline which will be based in MYGF. My question to va owners and pilots are. What makes a good virtual airline or in other words What do you look for in a virtual airline ? If necessary please also state what kind of virtual airlines you don't like and thanks this is greatly appriciated
  7. Thanks this has helped me alot
  8. Hey everyone I'm currently starting a virtual airline and I'm wondering if you can rate and critique these liverys. The harder you crutique the better. And thanks for your consideration.
  9. Thanks I do look foreward to working with SAVA in the summer
  10. I know what this is Just type the airline's url but instead use /admin I,E, If your airline's website is aa.com You would time aa.com/admin
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