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Codeshare module V2.3


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I am releasing the codeshare module that will show all flights in your schedules that you are codesharing on. You are able to include an image of the airline, to do so you must change the img link in the codeshare.tpl file. change the skin_name to your skin name.

This modules uses a modified simpilots events module admin side.

This update has the following additions:

-ajax controls to the flight number.

You can download the module here

Demo of the front of the module: http://malaysiava.or...x.php/codeshare

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updated to 2.3
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Need Help Please I don't understand steep in the readme file

nstructions on how to use this module:


1) Upload the files into their correct locations.

2) In phpmyadmin import the phpvms_codeshares.sql file into your database where the main phpvms is located.

3) Insert all codeshare flights into your schedules.

4) Get the schedid.

5) Put the schedid into the schedule ID box in the admin panel.

6) Add the airline ICAO code into the airline box.

7) To use the images create a folder within your lib/skins/skinname/images folder called logo's.

8) Edit the codeshare.tpl file in your core/templates folder.

9) Images should be 109x39px's and be named the same as the ICAO code of the airline in the db.

And after howto share with other VA please?

Ex: http://www.skydream-airlines.com/index.php/Codeshare

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Thanks Strider for your module and your answer but I have added Other VA airline in my Airlines List ex: (HEW) but not is normal if one pilot need to register he can see others VA list.

By that way I mean If i want make a code share with others VA the flight number I give need to match with the other VA ICAO.

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I found the problem, and have fixed it.

From line 30 to 46 in the CodeShareData.class.php file replace the code with the following:

public function save_new_codeshare($schedid, $airline, $image)
	$query = "INSERT INTO phpvms_codeshares (schedid, airline, image)
VALUES ('$schedid', '$airline', '$image')";

 public function save_edit_codeshare($schedid, $airline, $image, $id)
	$query = "UPDATE phpvms_codeshares SET
image= '$image',
WHERE id='$id'";


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  • Strider changed the title to Codeshare module V1.4
  • Strider changed the title to Codeshare module V2.3

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