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  1. Welcome to Caribbean Airlines Virtual, we are now recruiting pilots and staff, please visit our website for more details.
  2. Fellow Pilots and Forum Members, I am please to announce the Birth of A New Virtual which opened its doors on June 26, 2013. LIAT Virtual Airlines is one of the fastest growing Virtual Airlines around. We service all the Islands of the Caribbean with our Dash8 Q300 Series, and our newly acquired ATR72. Feel free to pay us a visit and Joining in the action and fun at Liat Virtual. We can be found at http://liatvirtual.com.
  3. Seem to be having a problem getting the schedules listed. Please advise.
  4. Hi Guys we are inviting you to be a part of this even on Saturday 6th April, 2013. See the flyer for details and we have launched a promotional Vid as well. Thanks guys and looking forward to seeing you on the 6th of April. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqc7UssyawY&feature=youtu.be
  5. Hi All It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the newest web hosting company on the net. iProHosting is a new web hosting provider of shared web hosting and domain name registration Based out of two locations the company opened its doors for business in February, 2013. iProHosting aim is to steadily become one of the world leading and industry recognized hosting providers, paying detailed attention to customer service needs. We have already begun to make a name for ourselves hosting several websites. Operated by several qualified technology enthusiast, iProHosting will be providing it's customers with several products and services to complement their businesses and their personal needs. iProHosting is currently serving customers in several territories and is hoping to broaden its client base throughout the globe. With today's global financial situation, iProHosting products and services are priced for the comfort of businesses of all sizes and shapes. iProHosting Customers ranges from complete novices to computer and technology experts. Our team at iProHosting is anxious to deliver its premium service and products to is distinguished customers, while maintaining a very high standard at a very affordable cost. Contact one of or sales Representative today to discuss your needs. Visit our website www.ipro-hosting.com to view our packages.
  6. Hi there Caribbean Airlines Virtual is in the process of recruiting pilots. We have 70 strong pilots and we are looking to fill our pilot roster. Currently applicant are permitted to sit an entrance exam to gain membership to the airline. We have a small variety of aircraft which include the Dash 8 , Atr, B738 and the B762 and 763. We fly into various cities in the North America including JFK, MIA, YYZ just to name a few an we also have services to LGW in London. For more information please visit out website at www.caribbeanairlinesvirtual.com. Our promotional video can be viewed on our home page for all interested parties. Thank you for our participation.
  7. Hello everyone we are in the process recruiting pilots at our airline, please take a look at our promotional video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpSqsTdTK6s
  8. I'm getting this error can someone please help me. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PUBLIC in /home/caribbea/public_html/en/core/common/SchedulesData.class.php on line 1077
  9. Hi there to all, my problem is I am not seeing any of my flights listed on the live map or in the listing, I have checked to make sure my API key is installed and so on but still no positive result. How ever I am still able to send my PIREPS and schedules. Can someone please help me with this.
  10. Hi here is my new virtual airline.. we launched on Christmas day and have been doing well so far. take a look and let us know your thoughts. www.caribbeanairlinesvirtual.com
  11. The sql table is there but i not seeing any data
  12. Hi Guys, Seasons Greetings to all. I am having a problem with my Top Pilot Module. My Current Month and Historical Stats not showing up . Can someone please advise. Chris
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