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  1. Can you try the latest beta? I think I've got a workaround for this issue
  2. Can you open a support ticket and I can look at the license problem? Is this an older install? I've seen that the env.php had SITE_URL instead of APP_URL so it's not detected. The logs should have some more info too
  3. Have you shut the engines down? There is a new setting to not require the engines being shut down to end the flight
  4. Nabeel

    ACARS Units

    Everything internally is stored in imperial units
  5. Nabeel

    ACARS Units

    Units in ACARS are just in lbs, etc for now. I have it as a future enhancement to display in the selected units
  6. I'm on Comcast and it seems to be working. I'd contact their support. https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/vmshost.io.html
  7. You have to disable in the phpvms settings the option where the aircraft is restricted
  8. There are these two settings, the second should show them as a single value
  9. Hi, send me a support ticket. You can try reissuing the license too
  10. All they need to do is extract it into a folder and maybe create a desktop shortcut. There's instructions in the README, that has a link to the docs, but you can also just send them the docs directly. They shouldn't need to go into the other files there https://docs.phpvms.net/acars/install-client/
  11. Not really - it's just all included because of the auto-updates. The server-side stuff is really small anyway, and I just keep it included because if there are changes there, I'll have it in the changelog and then it can be updated by an admin. It's virtually useless anyway without a phpvms install and a license key I haven't come up with a good way to distribute that separately yet, especially for communicating if there are changes/updates.
  12. The code is signed now, so hopefully needing to add it as an exclusion in anti-virus shouldn't be necessary anymore. Once it gets run by enough people then Windows should also start to recognize it more.
  13. Nabeel

    Add rules

    Not yet, though it's a planned feature through Lua scripts. The issue is data - something like the autopilot on/off is different between every aircraft, so that's something I'd have to add as a "feature" in the config maps.
  14. Please contact the developer, they need to support their own product.
  15. Hi, can you post in Discord? And can you attach the logs? I would also redownload it just in case - there was a build issue that I hadn't caught earlier
  16. The instructions are in the docs
  17. Can you please post on the Discord, it's a little easier to debug there.
  18. Hi, there's no plan to do this anytime soon.
  19. It's saying authentication failed... you might need to contact your host about that
  20. The other thing is your email is failing - that could be causing an error too, because emails will be sent out. But yes, there is something wrong on your server side.
  21. You need to look in the logs to see why it's failing
  22. vmsACARS also has rules/points for deductions and will eventually have a way to program your own rules using Lua. I don't want to bloat it with eye/ear candy either, I'm keeping it streamlined and doing what it does really well
  23. Yeah, not really sure what you're trying to do. vmsACARS doesn't download from Simbrief directly. Only a single simbrief gets stored by phpVMS - it's the "phpvms" format that's in the SB downloader. ACARS downloads that from your phpVMS directly, because they get deleted from the SB side pretty quickly. A planned feature I have is that if you have ACARS open without a plan loaded, and you download the flightplan from the SB downloader, it will load the plan directly and try to find and load a bid, if it exists, from phpVMS automatically. But that'll be sometime in the future
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