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  1. Can you message me on Discord?i need logs, version numbers, etc
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by reserved path? There is a flight search
  3. Are you using HTTPS? Did anything change there? Connection timed out means there's an issue between the ACARS and site. Are you the only one having the issue?
  4. Is that also an additional fuel used you want to do? It's probably better to do that in a module listening to one of the PIREP events. That way it won't get overwritten. Edit: Sorry, just realized we already talked and you opened that Github issue. I'll be adding that in.
  5. No, they'll still be of that airline. They just won't be able to chose flights, etc, from that
  6. What was the problem? For future reference. I'm guessing the path to the cron
  7. Are there any errors that show up on top of the page?
  8. Hi, it will not work until its updated
  9. Are you on a Linux server? That's a Windows path
  10. This is really strange. I'll see if I can trace it
  11. You need to point the vhost to the `/public` folder
  12. Would you be able to send the logs in the acars folder?
  13. Make sure all of the folders under 'storage' exist., or erase everything from there and upload a new 'storage' directory from the ZIP file.
  14. During the install does the "Check database connection" work? What're you using for the database host? or localhost? I usually have to use "" as sometimes the hostname of "localhost" doesn't work for some reason
  15. Beta 4, it's on Github. I would use the latest dev.
  16. Hi all, Seems to me there are a lot of errors coming up with strict mode. I need someone who can replicate this on a stock install and give me a list of things needed: What versions of everything you're running LOGS!! I need the PHP and Apache logs. And I definitely need the MySQL logs Contact me on Discord. I can debug it but it could be something that may just not be able to be fixed. This version is like 12 years old at this point 😐 Thanks
  17. There is recaptcha but I will add CleanTalk to the roadmap.
  18. I think you'll have issues with that hosting, it's not really meant for "serious" apps. And the details request above like PHP version, DB versions, etc.
  19. I'm sorry it's been difficult. Which version are you trying? Are you trying on shared hosting or your own VPS host or something similar? v7 uses Laravel, whose hosting requirements are a little different. A 404 to the installer likely means that the htaccess isn't setup correctly by your host, or your host is blocking htaccess from working properly. If you can give more information, we can try to help you figure out what the issue is.
  20. I think that comes down to PHP itself and the libraries (swiftmailer, etc) and how they're configured, not really phpvms specifically
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