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  1. It's not gonna work with beta4, gotta be on dev. Is there a reason the other apps can't run on 7.3? There isn't too much of a difference. 7.2 was also deprecated a long time ago and 7.3 is also on its way out.
  2. Then contact your host about it and they can guide you on what you need to put to configure it
  3. What database versions are you using? All of those columns/queries are being joined so multiple queries don't need to be made when it can all be returned in one
  4. There isn't. I went this way because subfleet assignments are how they're done in real-life OPS. Though I guess in the end they do assign specific aircraft to a specific flight on a specific day, which doesn't happen here. I'm not sure how to change that without changing how the entire thing works.
  5. It's in the docs: https://docs.phpvms.net/acars/flight/#flight-plans
  6. I see some errors in there which I've fixed in the latest version. You should get a prompt to update on next start
  7. Yes; https://docs.phpvms.net/acars/overview/
  8. No, but you can just edit the template to say manual pireps aren't accepted or something like that
  9. The bottom of the image is cut off. Does it only show the 'bids' button?
  10. In the admin panel in the ACARS settings, you need to disable the 'bids only'
  11. Hi, can you create an issue on Github describing this and also upload the exported CSV? Thanks!
  12. Can you message me on Discord?i need logs, version numbers, etc
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by reserved path? There is a flight search
  14. Are you using HTTPS? Did anything change there? Connection timed out means there's an issue between the ACARS and site. Are you the only one having the issue?
  15. Is that also an additional fuel used you want to do? It's probably better to do that in a module listening to one of the PIREP events. That way it won't get overwritten. Edit: Sorry, just realized we already talked and you opened that Github issue. I'll be adding that in.
  16. No, they'll still be of that airline. They just won't be able to chose flights, etc, from that
  17. What was the problem? For future reference. I'm guessing the path to the cron
  18. Are there any errors that show up on top of the page?
  19. Are you on a Linux server? That's a Windows path
  20. This is really strange. I'll see if I can trace it
  21. You need to point the vhost to the `/public` folder
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