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  1. Are you filing the PIREP on the site or through ACARS?
  2. Yeah next time it happens, can you please send the logs over?
  3. What was the exact issue and resolution, for future reference? Thanks
  4. There is a future planned update to be able to customize this more. Yes right now it's because they're also an administrator.
  5. Yes, those are bugs. Can you please put those up on Github? Create a separate issue for each. Thanks!
  6. This looks like either the vendor folder hasn't been upload or composer install hasn't been run. https://docs.phpvms.net/installation/installation#2-composer-install
  7. Nabeel

    Database error?

    Link doesn't work
  8. In the "Settings" there's an option about restricting aircraft from the departure. You'll need to change that
  9. Hi, I'm not really sure what you mean or understand what the issue is. You can setup a generic flight number "999" or something and use that as the flight number to use. But the airports, etc, are required to be in phpVMS
  10. Are you on the latest dev? There were some issues with this fixed recently. But I think what you're talking about I need to add a setting for, per-flight, which says this flight's fares shouldn't be merged, but as a replacement. So it's not a bug - at the moment, it's just "as designed". I don't think I opened an issue for this, but can you create one?
  11. Strange... I haven't seen that before. Is it possible it wasn't completely empty? I need to do some research to see if there is something I'm missing in regards to naming of those links
  12. Your host needs to increase the memory limit for the command line
  13. Hi, Can you open an issue on Github for the 2nd item? I have an issue open for the first one, I think, but there was an issue of lining them up, I didn't have a definitive list, I think. I'll have to refresh my memory on what
  14. There's no restriction for subdomains. If you get an error, send in a support ticket. Is your database completely empty? Delete the database and then start over. Do you also have multiple installs in a single database? It could be a bug where an index doesn't have a proper prefix on it... I can hunt that down if that's the case.
  15. The docs update will just be the command I put above, did you try that?
  16. Eek, did not realize that it needs Faker. That's kinda ugly. Try a `composer require fzaninotto/faker` that should fix it, but I'll have to distribute it, I guess, or maybe update the docs. It's a big dependency... on second thought, I'll update the docs to require it.
  17. I don't think PHP has a way of seeing in real-time the memory usage, but you can probably Google something to dump those stats. ID 0 is probably guest sessions that haven't been associated to a user. Have you checked if those are being cleared every x minutes or so? Like @ProAvia said, I wouldn't really worry about it. You can just truncate the table.
  18. Before asking for help, read this topic: https://docs.phpvms.net/help If it's not followed, you will just be pointed to this topic and if you're a repeat offender, your post will just be closed.
  19. Try the latest dev version. Also, for acars, the latest dev is required - https://docs.phpvms.net/acars/install-server Also, need the Laravel logs
  20. It's not gonna work with beta4, gotta be on dev. Is there a reason the other apps can't run on 7.3? There isn't too much of a difference. 7.2 was also deprecated a long time ago and 7.3 is also on its way out.
  21. Then contact your host about it and they can guide you on what you need to put to configure it
  22. What database versions are you using? All of those columns/queries are being joined so multiple queries don't need to be made when it can all be returned in one
  23. There isn't. I went this way because subfleet assignments are how they're done in real-life OPS. Though I guess in the end they do assign specific aircraft to a specific flight on a specific day, which doesn't happen here. I'm not sure how to change that without changing how the entire thing works.
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