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  1. Thanks Parkho that worked perfectly, I just needed help where to look. First time i editted my database but it was easy and straight forward. Thanks for the help. I actually did it twice, once I changed it to 5 and then realized I needed a couple 7 so i went back and put in 8 to be sure. R
  2. I have a new VA that I am starting that is based on U.S. Naval Reserve Squadrons which have more than 3 letters like commercial airlines. Is there a way that I can change a template or form to do this. I have been doing some looking through the files but did not find it. I can enter VS27 as an airline but when a registration is created, it is created as VS20001 not VS270001. Increasing the number for the pilot ID only adds more 0's not VS27 instead of VS2. Thank you. Richard
  3. check out this site. It is really cool! http://www.utr-online.com/Home.asp
  4. Here is the new link for anyone who does not have it: https://pilotweb.nas.faa.gov/PilotWeb/
  5. I just posted a new thread for some php coding help with award display. If I can help any of you create an avatar jpg background for your va, or awards or rank jpgs, that is something I can do. Message me if I can help.
  6. I have created awards for our va and have no problem adding them to the pilots and they display just fine when you click the pilot id. What I would like to have and don't know how to code this so please help if you can, what do I need to add where to get the awards to appear in a horizontal row under each pilot when anyone guest or not clicks the Pilots tab on the main page of the phpvms of our va site.
  7. I actually made badges for my pilots when there were only a couple of us and sent them to them as pdf files to put their own photo on. Now we have 9 pilots I like the avatar idea and will be putting the badge as the avatar for each pilot. Thanks guys for the idea. I created the badge in MS Publisher but since the avatar is a jpg, I will be using Corel Photoshop to make ours and "paste" the photos on them and output jpgs for the avatars.
  8. Instead of modifying phpvms perhaps you may be able to mesh fspassengers since it WILL merge for PIREPS. That program has a lot more airline management, buy/sell aircraft; maintenance; passengers; ratings etc. Just a thought for you. I have used it with a VA in the past successfully before I knew of phpvsm. Otherwise, aren't the financials in a SQL database? Expenses are.
  9. I have been in a number of va's over the years...some allow NO hours, some like Joeri allow some and some like ours allow ALL the hours but in any case they must be verifiable like an employer checks resumes for validity.
  10. If I understand you correctly you want to repeat the availability of the flight to your pilots every four hours? You can do this on the .csv template in MS Excel by the copy and paste instead of typing it again and again. and then import the new schedule into your flight schedules. I don't understand what the tick box is for.
  11. Where would you suggest he advertise to get new pilots? I am interested in the answer as well. where did some of you get your pilots?
  12. In My Holiday Airline the awards that we have are for: The most flights per month; most online atc flights per month; years of service in the va awards. I would also think that in "real-world" airlines the same would apply. Pilots do not get awards for example 10 years of service with 4 years in one airline and 6 years in another. It has to be 10 years service with the SAME airline. We likewise transfer all the verifiable hours towards rank where rank is a determinant in aircraft or flights that can be flown in my other va's. What awards do you have that would take into account the transferable hours?
  13. The way to add is like Jeff said. Here is a list of expenses I use from an airline costs chart I found from the Aviation & Aerospace Almanac, ICAO Air Transport Reporting Form EF1. Station expenses: 10.8% per month Passenger Services: 10.5% per month (incl catering I feel) Promotion and sales: 16.4% per month Administration 12.2% per month Flight crew: 0% covered by pilot salaries per flight Fuel: 0% covered by phpvms per flight Other 7.1% per month Maintenance: 10.1% per flight Depreciation & amortization: 7% perflight Airport Charges: 4.1% per flight Enroute facility charges: 2.4% per flight Just wanted to share this with anyone wondering about expenses.
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