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  1. Ghiby

    Is anyway to edit the airline funds

    this is a good idea... all though the FSPassengers is a payware and I can't quite push our pilots to purchase it just so they can use it with our virtual organization I mean I have it and I love it, it's a great product, but I am afraid that if we make it a requirement for our pilots to have it, since it's a payware, some pilots won't agree and will either not join or won't stay with our organization but it's a good idea... how we would do that? I'm not sure I understand how we would "mesh" it with our organization... can you elaborate a little more on this? thank you
  2. Ghiby

    Is anyway to edit the airline funds

    aha.. I see.. thank you for your answer... I understand now... I have the latest version, since we just installed not too long ago, but I would assume the financial part is almost the same... thank you again
  3. Ghiby

    Is anyway to edit the airline funds

    thank you for your answer... yes, this is what I was asking for, how and where do you go to the back end to change the values... to me, it would be important for the financial reports of the airline they will look more realistic overall and we care about that... yes, I know about that game sim I am already there and in few others too if you or someone else knows how to do it on the back-end, please point me to the right direction thank you
  4. Ghiby

    Is anyway to edit the airline funds

    nobody has an answer..??.. no ideas..??..
  5. Hey all, I understand any questions should go here, so I have a question that bothers me... is anyway an admin can edit (add/remove) the funds that the virtual airline has that is more to simulate more complex financial transactions, for example: - say the aniline will get a loan of $100 mil. for purchasing new or used planes - can we (manually, or in another way) add this amount of funds to reflect this kind of loan? - say 2-3 months down the road, the airline will pay back the loan and the interest, say $125 mil. - is anyway we can deduct this amount to reflect this kind of transaction? now, I know on the payback side, we could include it in the airline expenses as a unique expense "pay back loan" or something similar, but still I would like to know if we can in the end, add or remove some money from the airline account - and if the answer is yes, please tell us how can we do that. thank you in advance
  6. Ghiby

    Module Suggestion

    My first suggestion as a newbie looking with fresh eyes: A "Pilot Shop" - maybe have a pilot shop, so the pilots can spend their virtual money earned while flying for the VA - the admins should be able to add/remove items and make customization on items like specific pictures and descriptions - so not just sell simple pens, key rings, mugs, calendars, uniforms, or similar items, I am thinking more advanced stuff like real estates, cars, bikes, boats, even personal planes, more like what a real pilot could buy in real life too - the revenue from the sale of the items should be added (integrated) with the VA's overall revenue - since it's VA's store, managed by VA' all the proceeds from the items sales should be added to the VA's revenue somehow - the items "purchased" by pilots should be visible in the pilot profile - so they can show off to the entire community - after all that's why they work so hard, so they can show off their inventory and be proud I could talk more about this topic, but this is it for now, just posting my suggestion to see if there is any interest or if it's even possible to integrate it with the phpVMS Note: - I heard - aka read someplace - some "rumors" that a pilot shop may already exists in place, but if it is, I can't find it or I can't find more details about it, so if there is one, please point me to it Thank you for reaading
  7. Thank you much, yes, it works, I managed to add my KLGB airport and not only this one... how didn't I think about just adding it using the same form.??.. hehehe.... I was a bit confused because I was somehow under the impression if it cannot be found using the "Look up" function, needs to be manually added someplace else... all good now, thank you once again
  8. Thank you so much parkno for your answer... 1st problem, I assumed I may need to add some airports - now how do I add them? where? I know who to find the correct coordinates but I don't know how and where to add them. 2nd problem, you're very right, I had for some reason - just testing things around - the days of the week unchecked on the admin side - I was kink of thinking that maybe if there are not days checked, a pilot could chose it anytime but again, you're right, following your instructions I did checked all the days of the week and now the schedules are available to bid on again, thank you so much
  9. Ghiby

    Pilot Ranks

    aha... thank you, that helps me understand better... I found someplace else in the forum http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/7891-how-do-i-change-a-pilots-rank/#entry52703 how can we set the ranks manually - not by the hours - so that manual set will override the hours
  10. Ghiby

    entertainment system

    I have the same question
  11. Ghiby

    Repaint services

    I would like to see some samples - screenshots of your work as well.
  12. Hey all, Yes, I am a newbie and I just installed the phpVMS and I love it so far, all thought still learning about how to use it and tweak it for fit my needs. I have no to very limited coding (php, html, css) experience. Few issues to bring to your attention: 1. I have a problem adding Long Beach airport KLGB, I cannot add it. I was able to successfully add other major airports like KSLC, KLAX, KSFO, even smaller ones like KBIL, KONT, KOAK, but somehow it won't recognize and add the Long Beach KLGB airport. I also have many more airports to add in time, so I wonder will that be a problem with other airports too? Do I need to manually update some database? Is it a fix for it? 2. Schedule issue Also a secondary problem i have is that I am unable to see in the pilot center the schedule with available flights so a pilot can bit on them. It was working just fine at first, because while testing I was able to bid on a flight and execute the flight. I did the FSPassenger integration and I even succeed to export few flights I made from FSPassengers into my VA website and all looked good, I found the pireps made automatically by FSpassenger. But, now I cannot see no available flight in the pilot profile so as a result I can't bid and take the next flight on the schedule. I should also mention if it helps, that there are plenty of schedules to chose from created in the admin area. So what am I missing here? Thank you much in advance...
  13. Ghiby


    thanks, that worked for me... a quick question, do we need to change it back to "true" so it will automatically calculate the ranks by hours, or it will do that anyway? Thanks
  14. Ghiby

    Live Fuel Problem work around

    We could also use at least as a reference this mundi index http://www.indexmund...modity=jet-fuel maybe some kind of feed can be used from here and added to the phpVMS (I'm not a coder, just saying) note he price is FOB (freight on board) for U.S. Gulf Coast, so to have a fair estimate, some extra shipping and handling costs should be added for the destination airport
  15. Ghiby

    Pilot Ranks

    About ranks... I managed to make it work and to successfully create ranks and display some (basic) ranks images However I would need some extra details please, on how to manually assign a pilot to a specific rank, skipping the hours requirement. This is in special useful for staff and administrative ranks, that I agree are not quite ranks in the real sense, they are more positions titles, but since there is no staff position title, I am not sure how else should I assign a staff position to a pilot. I'm sure it must be a way to do it, but I can't find, it, can you guys point me to the right direction? Now I saw when you create a new rank, there is an option like: "The order of this rank (if ranks are manually set), or the minimum hours required" However what I don't understand is about this "order" what it is this order and how do I set it up? What value do I have to enter in that field? If I add a numeric value, it will consider the minimum hours required to get to that rank. And it requires only a numeric value, so I am confused in this area. Thank you in advance for any help and advice. P.S. If anyone reading this post, with the right skills, is available to help me more with administration and management of my website for my Thunder Eagles Flying Club please join me... any help would be appreciated