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  1. BR Caro Amigo, você teria o link ainda para Download? EN someone has the skin link to download?
  2. Thank you! Now it works 100% the problem is the folder name! I put wrong! Thank you!
  3. Hello guys, okay? I'm trying to install the skin on my PHPVMS system, I did everything according to the installation instructions included in the skin files, but still could not make it work 100%! am new to php editing, I'm still learning, could someone help me? and excuse me, I am Brazilian and I'm using google translator! thank you! Follow the screen shots of the "error"
  4. hello, I'm going to install this skin on my VA, but need to do some color changes, starting with the header that is green, my VA is blue, as I am not the best, and nor will I be as early good at CSS, someone could give me a help to modify the color of the skin?
  5. Dear Jean, I am facing a problem in my next site with your skin, everything works fine, I'll leave the link to my site for you to check, but some pages I am facing problem like this link: http://airminasvirtual.com.br/index.php/fleet'>http://airminasvirtual.com.br/index.php/fleet and reports of the page also happens the same problem, also on the page of booking flights, someone could help me on this? My Website: http://airminasvirtual.com.br
  6. Thank you, has been resolved! after so headbang
  7. Hello everybody, I have a problem in my system, the system can not find the airport to ask him to research, is giving the following Fetching date airport ... phrase but never concludes anyone could help me? I tried other related articles but could not solve Thank you!
  8. has not yet been possible, remains empty the drivers list in the ADMIN CENTER, not only the list of pilots, as the list of airports, routes, and the other lists, it will be a problem at some PHPVMS file? ainda não foi possivel, continua vazio a lista de pilotos no ADMIN CENTER, não só a lista de pilotos, como a lista de aeroportos, rotas, e as outras listas, será um problema em algum arquivo do PHPVMS?
  9. Good morning, everyone I have a problem , my tables of all pilots , all routes , all aircraft, etc. , disappeared from the ADMIN ! what can be ? Thank you !
  10. Nice work, like much of this code! those days I did not have time to shake, I'm coming over now thanks!
  11. staff would like to know if someone has a script that creates the company badge with the picture, id pilot, hub and everything else! Thank you! Exemple:
  12. after reading a lot about this problem, you managed to solve it for me in two minutes, thank you!
  13. Hello I wonder if it is possible to provide the code for me because I'm not getting to do what was explained! Thank you!
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