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  1. There is an entrance exam module available at Simpilotgroup. You can get it here http://www.simpilotgroup.com/module/entrancesystem
  2. Hi, I have not been to the forums for a very long time so I am not sure if this has been addressed before, but I am going to do it anyway since I can't do anything. I could not post news, I could not email my pilots, and many more. This is how my admin page looks like whenever I want to post anything. I checked it with Inspector Tool and found out it is because of this. Note that I did not input that code <style="visibility:hidden; display:none;"> and it is not found when I accessed the file on my computer. It seems that it appears automatically. All these errors appeared after I moved my server from Windows to Linux, not sure if it is the cause but might as well bring it out. Also my signatures no longer generate the stats. Check my signature below. It affects all of my pilots accounts. How do I fix it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I have tried removing the codes which you have stated, such as the FB one and MM_preloadImages('active wninf','g1 active') document.theForm.theButton.disabled=true. Still no success Anyway my host will be opening a new server for me and I will be using Linux this time. They recommend Linux because it works best with php, so I will try that.
  4. Okay I have upgraded phpvms to 5.5, but now my website is showing full of errors
  5. Removed the .htaccess file but it still didn't go away. This problem is just like a cockroach, so hard to kill. Anyways, my host recommend if this problem still goes on, I might have to do a clean re-install on a new server, which I would prefer not to as a lot of files are in the server since 2012.
  6. Ok I have restarted the server but the error didn't go away. Any more suggestions?
  7. Yes $page_content is in the layout.tpl. I didn't edit any files as I can remember, besides the emergency announcement bar, but that was after the error occurred. Will restarting the server actually work?.
  8. I don't think I have made a backup but I have re-uploaded some of the files to see if it would work, but it didn't fix the problem.
  9. Hi, recently my website started to not functioning properly, such as whenever I click on crew roster or pilots page, it still shows me the home page You can see the home page here http://airmalaysiavirtual.com Here are some pages for example (actually it is every single page) that still show the home page regardless the url. Http://airmalaysiavirtual.com/index.php/acars Http://airmalaysiavirtual.com/index.php/pilots Http://airmalaysiavirtual.com/index.php/story The problem started when some of my pages started getting "500 Internal Server Error", and my host re-setted my server to get rid of it. How do I solve this problem? It is really frustrating since it was like that since last week and my host are also clueless on how to fix it. I cannot even log into my account.
  10. That's sad I really enjoyed his promo vids
  11. Umm, this type of acars won't work with phpvms
  12. In your CSS stylesheet, add this to your sidebar div, or whatever name that you gave it float:left; and for your main box, or container (again, whatever name you gave it) float:right;
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