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    Retiring from USCG June 2015 and learning WebSite Design and running Canadian Arctic. I also work in the Amusement business in Las Vegas as a Safety Officer (ASO) assigned to the Stratosphere Tower and New York New York.

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  1. Here's the Arctic skin of zumeweb in Live action. http://www.canadianarcticvirtual.com/ I just love the Arctic Skin and it's also teaching me new skills.


    I am getting this Notice: The template file "/home/canadian/public_html//core/templates/vStatsCenter/index.tpl" doesn't exist in /home/canadian/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248
  3. If you go to www.canadianarcticvirtual.com you'll see your skin. Trust me it looks weird. Cancel a rookie error on my part lol. I had three copies all different. I deleted them and then dl a fresh one and bingo lol
  4. Got Trouble at www.canadianarcticvirtual.com. I just got smartcars and there hosting and arctic skin here wont go right in my phpvms install on TFDi hosting. Gives me some sort of line 248 core thing. I have the arctic in the skins, and tried both tlp and php, no difference.
  5. Template is working nice on the VPS http://www.canadianarcticvirtual.net/
  6. This worked <tr> <td><strong>Pax Carried:</strong></td> <td><span class="label label-default">1230</span></td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Cargo Carried:</strong></td> <td><span c
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to add in more statistics to the box. Like Passenger/Cargo/Shedule's ??
  8. I demoted my VAFS site from paid host to freebie . Promoted my Phpvms to a nice payed host who was generous . Tom said it right as I have learned " .A virtual airline takes a lot of time and effort to develop" You should research the Developer you hire and visit some of there clients site's and learn some coding, W3 Schools has helped me learn a few tricks with help here. This summer after all my research 1 Dev gets to land the MPE Polar Bear (Furball) . I've been around since 2012. So it does take planning, time and research and money. Now I have to go drool over Redwood VA site lol.
  9. Thank you Rob, I'lll take a look at them. I've been looking for Canadian North painter for our Airbus A380 and A321. They did a nice job your RJ.
  10. This what I see and now thinking visually here of how to direct a new image <?php /* * Configuration File for Arctic Skin * Distributed for Free by Zumeweb.com */ // **Slideshow Settings** // To add more images simply follow the pattern in the array, and be sure to seperate each URL with commas. $slideshow_images = array("//placehold.it/1800x400&text=Sample Banner1", "//placehold.it/1800x400&text=Sample Banner2", "//placehold.it/1800x400&text=Sample Banner3",
  11. Yep, Learned that one the middle way. Now just trying to figure out the Slider and how to get my three favorite pics into it.
  12. Help, I cant see where to get to my Admin Zone of the phpvms?? Going to http://www.canadianarcticvirtual.net/phpvms/index.php/admin I get An Error Was Encountered The module "ADMIN" doesn't exist!
  13. Thanks Magicflyer, been waiting on this very much and eager. Now this fits my VA like a Polar Bear Paw http://www.canadiana...pvms/index.php/
  14. I'd like to 2nd Matt's req as I also seek the knowledge please.
  15. Thanks Sava, But all matter's major atm are solved http://www.canadianarcticvirtual.net/ Many thanks to Chase and his skin and the Vanser's fleet tracker mod, miniarma's Rank wings and yes following up and searching the forums here and this really helps http://www.w3schools.com/.
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