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  1. Conor

    Installation Error

    Perfect thanks buddy.
  2. Conor

    Installation Error

    I'm getting a problem when trying to install a fresh PHPvms Fatal error: Class 'DB' not found in /homez.605/xxxxxx/www/xxxxxx/core/common/SettingsData.class.php on line 28 Any ideas?
  3. Conor

    Cityportal - CSS Template

    Just to let you know megaupload has been taken down by the US government do i would re-upload this somewhere else
  4. Yes but you are using their logos and font's. You still have to ask their permission to use such things including their name
  5. Conor

    Angel Air VA

    Congratulations, hope the VA continues to be successful
  6. Conor

    Website Updated Virtual Qatar Airways

    It certainly looks like it
  7. Conor

    Looking for someone to design me a skin

    May i point you in the direction of fstools.co.uk
  8. Conor

    FS Trader

    Its a bit bright
  9. Conor


    I agree that is a fairly wrong
  10. Conor

    Why Advertise Your VA Here?

    I enjoy looking at other VA websites
  11. Conor

    "Add Airport" Not working

    Thank you very much
  12. Conor

    "Add Airport" Not working

    They are adding to the database because when we try again it says airport already added
  13. Conor

    "Add Airport" Not working

    they are in the system because we have some routes set up but they dont show on the airport list
  14. Conor

    "Add Airport" Not working

    Im trying to add an airport to the list but after i add the airport it dosent appear
  15. Conor

    Skinner for VA searched

    May I suggest contacting tom you can find him on these forums or his website fstools.co.uk