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  1. Did he edit his post? I dont see anysigns of a NEW delta VA. Best of luck mate.
  2. Very nice! I like your website. Best of luck!
  3. Long before i played Flight Simulator 2004, i played Train Simulator by Microsoft for a few years. I use to run the virtual goods for a railway called North Eastern Railroad http://www.vnerr.com/ But i must say, the VR community is much less active than the VA community.
  4. You certainly can use HTML5, just need to customize your skin.
  5. Looking forward to your opening. Best of Luck!
  6. Well i like Trains for one. Trainspotter you could say. I am also a avid Computer guy in alot of fields. I build computers, test beta software, etc. I also play videos games such as Starcraft 2, Team Fortress, Battlefield 3, Minecraft to name a few.
  7. Other VAs use bootstrap, i am using bootstrap too. Why that needed to be pointed out i dont know. Did i make the wrong decision to put the nulled Xenforo on my site? Now that i think about it, i did make that wrong decision. My site breaking the law? Forums yes, the rest of the site no. I did reread the ToS of my host after this was brought up. So i am taking it down and putting on phpbb3. As for the Credibility thing you mentioned. Credibility can be lost but can be rebuilt to. I do understand now and the consequences that may of happened if i resisted and not listened to the community. I do apologize to anyone offended by this.
  8. Toyuko


    Thank You, good sir
  9. Id like to point out that yes it is nulled. Sava did not need to point it out. It was not necessary. However id like to point out that it was my choice. I dont see what Sava said as constructive criticism, but rather negative criticism that is unnecessary.
  10. New Forum, New Staff! 09/01/2013 The Briefing So our first press release since re-launch. I am glad to say we are doing stead as she goes at JAL Virtual. The flight count is going up we had 40 flights last month, 33 in the period from December 25-31st. By the time of this press release 33 flights have been reported. We expect more coming during the month. We have been in contact with VATSIM JAPAN and we hope to have an event set up next month. Look out for details. We have new partnerships! We have formed partnerships with the Virtual Airlines: Virtual China Southern, Dominican Airways and Qantas Virtual. We also have partnerships with Simpilotgroup and FS-Products. Look for links on the partner’s page: http://jalvirtual.or.../Pages/Partners New Forum! We ave launched our new user forum! http://jalvirtual.org/forum <- In English and Japanese New Staff! We have two new hires at JAL Virtual! Please Welcome: Eduardo Santos JAL0171 eduardo@jalvirtual.org Human Resource Manager (HRM) Wan Zamir Zakwan JAL0662 wan@jalvirtual.org Ground Operations Manager (GOM) Eduardo is one of the first pilots at JAL Virtual; he has experience as a Chief Pilot at VARIG Virtual and has written much material for that VA. Wan is the person who made the Flight Schedules for the VA, so he was a natural pick for the job of Ground Operations Manager. I’d like to say welcome to the staff team guys! We are looking for you! We are always looking for new staff. We are in urgent need of new staff at JAL Virtual! We have open such positions as: Events Manager Forum Manager Hub Managers Chief Pilots All staff members get benefits from JAL Virtual and training for the job. You can look at all our open positions here, all open positions at titled VACANT! http://jalvirtual.or...php/Pages/Staff Interested? Please Email us a resume to admin@jalvirtual.com Thank You http://jalvirtual.org
  11. Toyuko


    Can we please get the link back, or someone upload it?
  12. It was mentioned by the pilot that if he clicked continue, the KACARS would eventually crash
  13. Ok i see whats happening now. This is from a JAL Virtual Pilot. Whats happening here?
  14. There has to be a solution to this. :/
  15. VATVO! Well Vatsim and IVAO, offline too.
  16. So I have a little problem on my site. In the file a pirep page whenever a user selects another airline, the departure airport field disappears, only until the page gets refreshed that the user can file the PIREP. (Yes i know the bg white is not fully down the page, that was a easy fix) Thanks
  17. o.0 You guys opened on the same day my VA relaunched. Anyhow best of luck!
  18. Really? I didn't know that.
  19. Yes i am using bootstrap, you are using bootstrap. I dont know if the guy who designed my site took design ques from yours. Also there are other VAs using bootstrap. http://caribbeanairlinesvirtual.com/en/index.php
  20. Hey, i like the exam module. I was wondering how i could make a Japanese version for it? I was thinking that by making a copy of the exam module it would work but im not sure if it would.
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