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  1. vSaudia

    phpVMS-Email Problems

  2. vSaudia

    phpVMS-Email Problems

    Not Working With Me
  3. vSaudia

    phpVMS-Email Problems

    Hello Guys, i have a Problem , when i go to Admin Center and i wanna email all Pilots No One Receive any Emails and When any one Register in my VA after i Accept it also no one Recevies anything can anyone help me pls??? thanks.
  4. vSaudia

    EXAMCenter Beta 1.0

    Okayy, Sir BUT When i put Frontpage_main.tpl in Templates/exams when i goto /Exams_admin it gaves me Like Home Page !! Thanks.!
  5. vSaudia

    EXAMCenter Beta 1.0

    Hello Everybody, i have Installed EXAMCenter BUT When i go to /Exams_admin i see this Massage ! Notice: The template file "/home/a5018469/public_html//core/templates/exams/frontpage_main.tpl" doesn't exist in/home/a5018469/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248 Help Please !! Thanks.
  6. vSaudia

    pureHTML5 Free/Premium skin!

    Okaay ,,,1. I Had put The Folder Of the Skin in lib/skins 2.i downloaded Simple News Module 3.i had Follow the Instructions to Make Simple New Module Work and It's Working when I open the WebSite there is a Massage Saying Notice: The template file "/home/a1580112/public_html//core/templates/forum_style.tpl" doesn't exist in/home/a1580112/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248 Please Help !!
  7. vSaudia

    pureHTML5 Free/Premium skin!

    Yeahh i'm Sure !
  8. vSaudia

    pureHTML5 Free/Premium skin!

    HI, Now i have Got Some Problem when i Put The Skin 1.Fatal error: Class 'SimpleNews' not found in /home/a1580112/public_html/lib/skins/pureHTML5/frontpage_main.tpl on line 4 And It's Done i got how to Remove This Massage 2./home/a1580112/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 249 Please any One Help mee !! Thanks.