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  1. Wow thanks Jim I will have a good look at this and see what you have done. if not I will add them in the database as new users in the host panel. Thanks fivestar001
  2. Hi again I did that in the local.config but not the Php file as I can recall I will have a look tomorrow if I have time and get back to you. Thank you for trying to help me out.
  3. i have just added them on the database phpvms_pilots seems to work but the registration is not loading the pending pilots on the main page.
  4. found the log file i have sent you a message i'm not sure if we ok to post a log file in here mate so i have messaged you about it. Thanks Tom
  5. Hello ProAvia, Thanks for getting back to me re this problem i'm using crystal and it's Version phpVMS 5.0 Classic where is the log file been stored it's not in the admin panel mate. Thanks FIV001
  6. Hi all I wounder if you can help me after doing the registration edit for the new google recapture v2 I try and submit a new register and then it submits then when i go to the admin panel it's not showing any pilots I could really do with a little advice it's doing my head in :? Pending Pilots There are no pilots! Thanks FIV001
  7. how did you fix this ? I cant get it to show new registration on the contact form 0 Pilots showing in the admin panel.
  8. Hi Chris, You need to download the tar file then extract the tar file to a folder it will say this folder phpvms, if you're ok with the php you need to change the version change it to PHP 7.0 or 7.2 on your server panel like I did, the folder will be called phpvms I sent the files to the public _html folder on the ftp upload to web server located the public_html that worked for me, right to get it working I found this get your website domain www.website.com/install it will pop up then you're good to go on the setting up your VA. Hope this helps Thanks Fivestar001
  9. Thanks I will carry on with the other version for now then if it's not ready Thanks Nabeel
  10. Hi Guys I'm having problems installing PHPVMS7, I have installed it on my server it's giving me a 500 error...... I'm trying to install phpvms 7 it's a nightmare is there any difference to the other version 5.5 version any help would be fantastic. Thanks
  11. Looking at my problem you have helped me out thanks I had a problem not been able to see the Pilots flying on acars but this code you have added works so so well Thanks again. this is the code I have added </head> <script type="http://maps.google.c...qJRA"></script> in the layout.tpl and its working Thanks Strider 5 Star
  12. I would like to remove this on the front page of my site if someone would help me out Thanks. <div id="sidebar"> <h3>Recent Reports</h3>
  13. Hi guy's could some one tell me how I can remove this at the bottom after adding this code to the <DIV> <?php echo $page_content;?> content I seem to get this at the bottom now how can I remove it or link to a page not this page. I have this code in another DIV at the top of the page Reports and New Pilots . Thanks Tom Sherratt FIVE STAR 001 CEO Site: http://pilots.flyinternationaluk.com/ This is my first time I made this Template from Photoshop and Dreamweaver so any tips would be great Thanks.
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