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  1. Maybe not such a VA licence, but a VA account that is managed from current simbrief accounts. You can register your VA with your private account, receive and API key, set a password and username, and then when you use the API it checks that information against your database and allows pilots from a VA to generate the flight plans without signing into a private account. If that functionality was added, i would definitely include this in my airline, without a doubt. Thoughts?
  2. Agreed. VA licence would be good. The VA account could be managed by someone who already has an account. I was tempted to make an account for my whole VA, but people could just change all the account details which ruined the point of having one for all our pilots. VA licence
  3. @Vanity I am developing this, but i'm at a point where phpVMS seems to be limiting any further progress, unless i can get some help from some other developers.
  4. I'm seconding this! I'm also interested in continuing my own project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1mz6z44lp9sm24m/Screenshot%202013-12-16%2020.07.58.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/3nh4tsv9f7k5yyx/Screenshot%202013-12-16%2019.59.39.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/itngyqq6852kphz/Screenshot%202013-12-16%2019.59.34.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5jl42wi021bemz/Screenshot%202013-12-16%2019.59.17.png It gives: Cost Index, Flight Times, NOTAMS, Fuel (needs to be tweaked). What i hope to add: Weather Details, Step Climbs, Gates numbers, GCMap integration (Like simbrief) with the current plan and winds. I also hope to have the pdf exporter working soon. And for your information, we have the Tab-able area like you are suggesting: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1mz6z44lp9sm24m/Screenshot%202013-12-16%2020.07.58.png MY QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU... Would anyone be interested in assisting me with the development of this "payware" system? Thanks!
  5. Zach

    Admin Centre Skin?

    Speaking of skinning the admin center...How can one test the "dark skin"? I'm sure that if someone wanted to, they could use an existing admin theme, and port it to phpVMS, although it would take some time. i.e this would be seriously cool.After i finish exams i might give it a go. I had already made one a few months ago, it was almost fully functional, but not pretty. Maybe i should keep going with it? Or convert something else slightly more elegant? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would anyone be interested if i continued this project? And made it available for purchase? I'll clean it up though.. Zach
  6. G'day, I have done a couple of promotional videos. If your interested, i do them pretty cheap PM me. Zach
  7. Zach


    @itrobb You code gives him the Airport Name doesn't it? I think he wants the actual name of the city, of the airport. E.G KLAX - Los Angeles (Not Los Angeles international airport", EGLL - London (not Heathrow International airport") @stars As i said, if you want to do this, you would need to do a lot of modification to the airports table. The closest thing you can do, is what itrobb said; that is, the airport names!
  8. No problem, glad it worked. Can you edit the title of your post to [sOLVED]? Thanks in advance
  9. If your looking for a live updating flight board, check this out... http://www.integratedpirepsystem.com/products/liveboard OR, i can help you out with something like this. http://cathaypacificva.com/ <-- Recent flights, Live flights and departing flights And if you want the ACARS map on the frontpage, then put this code where you want it. <?php MainController::Run('ACARS', 'index'); ?> Enjoy!
  10. Place this somewhere near the top of your schedule_briefing.tpl $depinfo = OperationsData::getAirportInfo($schedule->depicao); $arrinfo = OperationsData::getAirportInfo($schedule->arricao); Then, where you want the countries to be placed... <?php echo $depinfo->country;?> <?php echo $arrinfo->country;?> Enjoy!
  11. Zach


    The closest thing you can get to the city, is the airport! You can try the showing the country as well!? To show the city name, you would have to edit the phpvms_airports table and insert the data for all the airports, as well as make some changes to the files in the common and modules folders on your site.
  12. Zach

    PIREP Count

    Do you have a backup or your database? You can re-upload the phpvms_pilots table with the older data.
  13. Here are is a possible solution: In your php.ini file error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED Chuck the error "Strict Standards" into the search bar on the forums, its come up plenty of times before. It may also be an issue with your host.
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