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Sim Brief for phpvms


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I know that many of you where waiting for it, i would like to thank Ashley Jones from virtualthomson - TuiVirtual for the motivitation to make it.

You are free to download it at http://baggelis.com/...mbrief-briefing

What it does is adding a button to your briefing template and fetch all the info from the simbrief to your website.

In order to use it you have to contact with simbrief via email at contact@simbrief.com in order to get an API key for free.

Also your pilots need to be registered with simbrief in order to use their services.

As it is free please consider buying me a coffee with the donate button

Any questions will be answered throught the forum

Download has been updated with new instructions as the old one was incorect sorry for the trounble

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need links so i can help most propably wrong location of files

Followed your readme file

one question:

var api_dir = 'core/modules/SimBrief/'; //Ex. "some/directory/";

Is it correct? file is there : /public_html/wj-virtual.org/core/modules/SimBrief

Thank you

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I had it working great, now when I go to generate a brief, I can only download to pdf, nothing else.

to solve the problem you need to edit the core_htmlhead.tpl (in your skin folder)

and put this

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo fileurl('lib/js/simbrief.apiv1.js');?>"></script>

Not in the layout.tpl

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