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Sim Brief for phpvms


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unfortunatly with that route i am not able to reproduce the porblem in my setup i am able to export to all the avaiable files


If something like this occurs again please attach the ofp_id you will find it on the address bar for example


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First Screen: https://dl.dropboxus...27786/first.jpg

Second Screen: https://dl.dropboxus...7786/second.jpg

When it reaches 100% the litte windows close and nothing happens anymore.

When I start your demo, after the 100% the briefing page had to change to the simbrief briefing page, but not in our Briefing.

When I type the direct URL to the simbrief template into my browser I get this, perhaps this could help:


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Great Module thanks for this ! . A question , is there a way to give the pilot an option to change the aircraft type ( from default in schedule). For example a pop-up window perhaps when one clicks on "Get simbrief" ? which would change the submission to for example...



http://www.simbrief.com/ofp/ofp.loader.api.php?type=XXX&orig=LTBA&dest=EGLL , XXX one could enter aircraft of choice perhaps ?

Just wondering..thanks in advance.


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  • 2 months later...

Sorry but I have tried for hours double checking everything 3-4 times and I get nothing from pressing the Generate Button .. :(

Followed the readme but nothing appears to be working for me

Added script to layout.tpl, added files modified the files mentioned in the readme,

Got the API Key and added it to the .js file.

If any one has any ideas on how I could trouble shoot this please ?

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Hi Vangelis one help please

Version simpilot 5.5.1

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (@) at position 0 (@): Unexpected character' in /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/templates/SimBrief/SimBrief.php:64 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/templates/SimBrief/SimBrief.php(64): DateTime->__construct('@') #1 /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php(238): include('/homepages/10/d...') #2 /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php(181): TemplateSet->getTemplate('SimBrief/SimBri...', false, true, false) #3 /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/classes/Template.class.php(82): TemplateSet->showTemplate('SimBrief/SimBri...') #4 /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/classes/CodonModule.class.php(92): Template::show('SimBrief/SimBri...') #5 /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/modules/SimBrief/SimBrief.php(12): CodonModule->render('SimBrief/SimBri...') #6 [internal function]: SimBrief->index() #7 /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/classes/M in /homepages/10/d328219951/htdocs/core/templates/SimBrief/SimBrief.php on line 64

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The problem is in the variable string I pass manually and no longer get the error.

any solution

$epoch = (string) $info->times[0]->sched_out;

$epoch = 1344988800;

$dt = new DateTime("@$epoch");

// $dt = new DateTime('@'.$epoch); // convert UNIX timestamp to PHP DateTime

echo $dt->format('H:i'); // output = 2012-08-15 00:00:00

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