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Heritage VA is closing

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maybe you would like to start something special, like a VA in Nepal to fly domestic flights to Lukla etc?

I am looking for someone experienced in phpVMS as I am only a virtual pilot willing to fly there.

To me - after nearly 2000 hrs flying online - the Himalaya region is the most challenging and beautiful to fly.

I think there is more people like me to for flying in DHC-6, Do-228 VFR.

The VA would be imitating local airliners to have 16 destinations (VNKT,VNPK, VNLK....).


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Sorry mischka , took so long to answer..... Expense is a Major one, and of course the lack of pilots recently. However, I will remain of course very active here on the Forums for sure. There is always someone new that needs a little help, we all know how that one goes....lol. Heritage has been around since the age of the Doe Doe Bird, hehehe, long time for sure. I think over 11 years now. We started off with just Forum Boards in FS98, and as time went on merged into all of the upgrades. We actually started with the flight sim called A.T.P. by Sublogic,  ( lets see how good someones memory is ). 

As a Web Master on any Web Site, you can well understand the Time involved and the countless money it takes sometimes also. Well, I've decided to retire just a little bit from designing sites, and "ACTUALLY" start flying, (go figure lol ), As a retired Marine Real World Pilot, who can't fly anymore, Flight Sim is the next best thing for sure. And I've got some serious Bucks invested into Flight Control Systems for sure. Its time I started using them ! 

I would like to Thank Everyone here for all of your support throughout the years, I have a lot of friends here and enjoy everyone here. I as mentioned will remain very active here. I also would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas this year, and hope all of your Holidays are GREAT !!!! And again, thank you all for your support, and may God Speed !!

On one quick note, I will be re-configuring universal Skins and will be posting a lot of my work here, when all is complete, and set for anyone's domain to use. Will take just a little time, but maybe some of you can use a new look etc.......All details will be posted with help files enclosed, and of course the requirements. Thanks All, and Peace to all !

some links of upcoming skins...............




All use PHPVMS ver.5.xx    and php.ini version 5.3 (for the older modules, must have access to your cpanel / server)


Jim Lyman CEO Heritage VA & Company.


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