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[FREE] FireCrew3 - Modern and Sleek CrewCenter

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Good evening all,

I am very happy to make a new work of mine i.e. FireCrew v3 available to this community. Even though it is a bit late, consider it a New Year's Gift from my side.

Download link: https://github.com/parthparth/FireCrew3

This skin has been developed on PHPVMS 5.5.x of SimPilot.

The skin uses the bare bones of the Paper Dashboard theme.

Please note that this is my first endeavor into skinning and problems may exist. Feel free to post on this forum or open up a Issue on Github.

For any extra features, plugin skinning or custom VA branding requests, feel free to post a reply below or email me at hiparthparth@gmail.com .

If you like my work please donate here.

Installation instructions are in the README.md file.


You can see a live demo here.

Username: FRC0004
Password: 1777455c

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Link edited and corrected

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