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Selecting an airplane


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10 hours ago, Kursat said:

How to select all planes, im looking for a solution on this topic

What do you mean by this? It looks like it is correct as two A320 NEO aircraft are showing up.

Are there supposed to be more planes showing up? Check that the aircraft have the correct ICAO (A20N) and airline (AKD) set in the admin panel.

If you mean how can you book more than one plane, than that is not possible at the moment, nor is it realistic.

If you mean how can you have every plane in the database show for a route (is there another module for that?) or more than one aircraft type per route, then this is also not possible at this stage, but I would consider it for a future update.

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Does look like its correct web541, the only Module that I know of that will do a complete search for All Aircraft with a specific route, is CC's Flight Search Module, however, as you've mentioned it is impossible to search multiple aircraft / selections, unless your up to doing some serious scripting of course, (not). LOL

Not sure exactly what he means either, don't feel bad.........


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