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can't delete pilot(previous admin)


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Hello Guys,

we just wanted to delete a Pilot but the "Pilot options" site stays blank at him.

This pilot was the previous admin of our VA but he is not in our VA anymore for some years as acitve Pilot.

He has no goups assigned to his account anymore.

Do I need to change something in the phpvms so that i can delete him?

Thanks in advance


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Do you have access the the database? You can delete him there.


Be aware, it's better to leave this pilot in the roster and mark him as inactive. If you delete him, I believe his pilot hours are subtracted from your VA's total hours.

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Yes I have access & already thought about it.

I just was afraid of this because i tought it must be a reason why the delete & change password button is not available.

Maybe there is somewhere standing this pilot is "number 1" and deleting this pilot would crash the system...

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If he is pilot number 1, don't delete him. I would guess he is one of the VA's founders. Best to leave any founder alone. If you delete anyone, their pilot hours get deducted from the VA's totals also.


Just change to INACTIVE in admin - and if unable there, go to db - pilots table - <this user> - retired... and change the number there to a 1.

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