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Aircraft location CSV file


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Have you looked at the aircraft table in the database? I believe there is an "airport_id" field. 

My guess is that you need to include that "airport_id" field in the aircraft CSV file and have an actual airport ID in it before you import the aircraft file.

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I saw those PR's and kindly informed you about the main requirements. I see you merged them in one PR, which is kind of mandatory but still failing a simple style check :(




When you click the Details link, it will show you the errors in red and possible solutions in green lines.




So here in this particular file, you have 2 non necessary spaces :) First one is before the public, second one is after the comma. Deleting those spaces then saving the file will let the code to continue processing your changes.


Every PR needs to pass some checks, these may be simple styling checks or complete build tests. And every PR has to run/pass those tests on their own 'cause they are threated as separate applications. They may work on your local environment without proper styling but this is not the case for being approved as core changes.


Hopes this little info helps and you fix that simple style error, pass the tests and they get approved afterwards.


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