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vmsACARS Vs smartACARS

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Dear all,

Please assist me in making a decision:

Please tell me your experience and feedback of using one of the ACARS (smartACARS or vmsACARS ) who used these two tools?

What are the disadvantages and advantages?
Have you ever any problem with FS2020?

Vahid NZ

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vmsACARS works with phpVMS v7

smartCARS presently does NOT work with phpVMS v7


If you are using phpVMS v7, vmsACARS is the only present solution.


Everyone has problems of some sort with MSFS - after all, it's still an alpha product.


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We had lots of problems with MsFs 2020 ... And will continue having them for maybe a year or more :) And most of the problems we were/are/will be facing are not vmsAcars related, but directly caused by Asobo/Ms itself. Like assigning 5 letter codes to imaginary airports, not allowing to read scenery data, not allowing 3rd party apps to read aircraft data etc etc. As it develops, all will be solved (i hope)


SmartCARS currently have no advantages for v7 'cause it is not compatible at all. But if we imagine it works (with its current form) then main disadvantages will be;


1. Not working with v7

2. It is expensive

3. It does not offer flight save/resume option without a subscription


On the other hand, compared to SmartCARS vmsAcars does not have eye candy or ear candy features (yet) like custom sound sets being played during your flight , or a chat feature , an online radio etc and just a little bit limited maybe (this depends on the sim and addons used though, not a fact for me)


As @ProAvia mentioned, vmsAcars has the biggest advantage for v7


1. It works with v7

2. It is developed by the same person developing phpvms

3. Cheaper

4. Does not consume cpu/gpu/ram resources compared to others


So, if you want to stick with v7, then your only option is vmsAcars unless you are capable of developing your own ;)

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vmsACARS also has rules/points for deductions and will eventually have a way to program your own rules using Lua. I don't want to bloat it with eye/ear candy either, I'm keeping it streamlined and doing what it does really well

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