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Hey Dave, did you manually enter the info or did you write something to pull the airport data from the sql database? Just curious?!

I have written a script to pull the info out of the database. Still trying to get a few things to display as I would like but getting closer.

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Guest lorathon

Very cool Jeff! B)

need to figure out the dropdown.... :blink:

Mark it active in the settings xml. Then it will display the text or whatever is in the title="" attribute.

<object_list>                                               <!-- OBJECT LIST -->
   <enabled>true</enabled>                                       <!-- [false] (true / false) -->
   <type></type>                                             <!-- [dropdown] (dropdown / listbox) -->
   <levels></levels>                                         <!-- [3] (Number) How many levels of objects should be included in the list. You can exclude individual objects from a list by setting object_list="false" in the object's settings in data file. -->
   <include_areas>false</include_areas>                           <!-- [true] (true / false) whether areas must be included in a list -->
   <include_movies></include_movies>                         <!-- [true] (true / false) whether movies must be included in a list -->
   <include_labels>false</include_labels>                         <!-- [true] (true / false) whether labels must be included in a list -->

This is part of the object child in the settings xml. As you can see I just want the movie title attributes to be displayed in the dropdown.

Another hint that I had a bit of frustration with. To get images to show up use standard HTML coding in the <![CDATA

]> But if it doesnt show and you know that the link is correct add some <br> before and after.  Play with it a little until you get it to show like you want.  It was a pain to figure that one out.

Hope this helps you. If you have any other questions just let me know.

FYI - My map uses over 2000 xml data files. :D

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Guest lorathon

I think we need to start tallying how many times Jeff or Dave have shown off...... :D

I am trying to catch up with simpilot but man does he have some good stuff out there. What I really want to know is, does he get a chance to actually fly? I know that my fight hours are minimal at best. The only time I seem to get in FS is to test kACARS and I rarely file those PIREPS. I will probably have to boot myself out of Phoenix Virtual Airways due to the lack of flying :D LOL

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