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SMFRegister 2.0


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SMFRegister 2.0

phpVMS module to automatically register a new pilot in your smf 2.0 forum.

This is simply an auto registration feature for new pilots, not a bridge.

Released under the following license:

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Developed by:



Developed on:

phpVMS ver 2.1.934-158

smf ver 2.0

php 5.3

mysql 5.0.51

apache 2.2.11

Included files:






-Download the attached package.

-unzip the package and place the files as structured in your root phpVMS install.

-your structure should be:








- Your smf database must reside in the same datbase as your phpVMS install and use the standard "smf_" prefix.

- I have built this to work with smf forum version 2.0, it has not been tested with any other version.

- The module will register a new user in the forum when a new pilot registers with the VA.

the format for registration into the forum is:

user: John Smith ABC1234

pass: same as they used to register on the main site.

Although not required, a link back to www.simpilotgroup.com would be greatly appreciated!

Have fun!

Code hosted on Github - Link In Signature.

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SQL query:


-- Database: `virtualf_smf`


CREATE DATABASE `virtualf_smf` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci;

MySQL said:

#1007 - Can't create database 'virtualf_smf'; database exists

Can I PM you my information and see if you can get it to work? I really do not want to mess my database up.

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If you run the installer again and choose your existing phpVMS database to install the tables, or you can do a dump of your existing and import in to the phpVMS database which would be easier as you would have populated data.

Then just change the config file with your new connection settings and database name.

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Can you see if I did this correctly? I don't usually mess with the Data.class files.

Original code (Line 18)

$username = $eventinfo[2]['firstname'].' '.$eventinfo[2]['lastname'].' '.$pid;

Edited code (Line 18)

$username = $pid.' '.$eventinfo[2]['firstname'].' '.$eventinfo[2]['lastname'];


$id = PilotData::getPilotByEmail($eventinfo[2]['email']);
       $pid = PilotData::getPilotCode($eventinfo[2]['code'], $id->pilotid);
       $username = $pid.' '.$eventinfo[2]['firstname'].' '.$eventinfo[2]['lastname'];
       $password = sha1(strtolower($username . $eventinfo[2]['password1']));
       $salt = substr(md5(mt_rand()), 0, 4);
       $time = time();
       $email = $eventinfo[2]['email'];

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Hello, David!

I installed your SMF Modules today. It works fine for the new registered pilots. But is there a way to set the existing pilots in to this integration too without having to make it manually?

I have a script somewhere that I wrote to convert them, I will try to find it and post it for you. The module itself will not do it. I have started using the SMF API to auto login members with phpVMS and then there is no need for the pilot to be in both member lists.

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I am not sure if you can find it around the forum. I had posted it to pastebin but can not seem to find it again. I will have to look in my old archives as I have not used it since I started using the SMF api library by Andre Nickatina - You can find more information about that here -> http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=458832.0

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