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OK, All serious,

We decided to move the files of the website to the main domain, than we discoverd that the website wasnt appearing, just Plain Blank..

So, we moved it back to the original place and it still doing something, can we have some help and alot of help would be appreciated..

Also The Install directory dosent work aswell.

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Please use a more descriptive title, not just "HELP HELP!" we can read so no need for it all in caps. when you moved the files, you have to make sure you edit the local.config file so that the database connection points to the correct db and has the right username and password. It isn't just a case of cut and paste and you're done. There is more to it then just cutting and pasting.

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I have had a look and check your config files that there are no whitespaces in there.

If there was an error connecting to the database then it would show up, put a phpinfo file in to that directory and see what that says.

I have moved many sites across directories and domains without problems.

If you upload the install directory that should give you some clues as to whats happening.

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