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Pilot Ranks


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You can create ranks, and add images to represent these ranks.They can be added by logging into the Admin panel, then going to Settings -> Pilot RanksTo add the image, click "Edit" on a rank, and then enter the full url to the image (including the http://). It will then show on the pilot hub page, or anywhere the rank is shown.

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i am having rank issues i have the rank showing up and the images work but for some reason when people log the amount of hours for there next rank its not auto updating i have to go into the rank admin panel and edit the rank even tho i dont change anything in the edit then when  i click edit there rank updates is there a way to make it just auto update image links are good and everything is being saved into the edit rank i dont know what else to do ?

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About ranks...

I managed to make it work and to successfully create ranks and display some (basic) ranks images

However I would need some extra details please, on how to manually assign a pilot to a specific rank, skipping the hours requirement.

This is in special useful for staff and administrative ranks, that I agree are not quite ranks in the real sense, they are more positions titles, but since there is no staff position title, I am not sure how else should I assign a staff position to a pilot.

I'm sure it must be a way to do it, but I can't find, it, can you guys point me to the right direction?

Now I saw when you create a new rank, there is an option like:

"The order of this rank (if ranks are manually set), or the minimum hours required"

However what I don't understand is about this "order" what it is this order and how do I set it up?

What value do I have to enter in that field? If I add a numeric value, it will consider the minimum hours required to get to that rank. And it requires only a numeric value, so I am confused in this area.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

P.S. If anyone reading this post, with the right skills, is available to help me more with administration and management of my website for my Thunder Eagles Flying Club please join me... any help would be appreciated

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This is how I understand it, I might be wrong:

there are two scenarios relating to the autorank feature:

1.It's turned ON, and when a pilot reaches the amount of hours set for the rank he will be promoted automatically

2.It's turned OFF and you (VA Admin) have to manually set the rank

In scenario 1, the order of the ranks is determined by the amount of hours you set for each rank ie rank A needs 10 hours, rank B needs 20 hours etc

In scenario 2, pilots are not promoted by amount of hours, so the order has to be determined in another way: Rank A would be set to 1, rank B to 2, rank C to 3 etc.

Hope this is correct and helps!

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