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  1. What are you using for a template. This is most likely going to best achieved with floating <div>'s rather than a table.
  2. http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/21299-kacars-unhandled-expectation/ http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/8745-solvederror-switchpirep http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/8167-kacars-free-switch-verify-error http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/7552-xacars-setupinstall-solved http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/7930-kacars-free-guide/
  3. My guess may be that you are blocking yourself with your hot link script since it has to be a full url and not a relative path.
  4. I agree on both not being able to please everyone and that it was more fair than the original. It is funny, the hate mails that I got about it I returned asking what their solution would be and never heard anything but from one.
  5. I have just tried it with jpg, png, and gif images and it works as long as you are using a full domain path to the rank image. What is one of the paths to your images?
  6. I would try uploading the file again - there is not a line 52 in the github version. https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x/blob/master/admin/maintenance.php
  7. Is it all pilots or just certain ones? If it is just certain ones possibly they have no rank or a rank without a rank image. Also, disable the rank image inclusion in the signature to see if it will process it without it to see if the issue may actually be deeper than what is being seen. Config::Set('SIGNATURE_SHOW_RANK_IMAGE', false);
  8. Is the CRON job set up correctly, are you getting errors related to it?
  9. You have to use a fully qualified url - http:// www.myairline.com/path/to/my/rank/image This is due to the image being used both in templates as well as core classes so a relative url is going to be wrong for one of them.
  10. Look in firebug - I would guess you have a javascript conflict as those are all javascript functions.
  11. You are trying to use the mysql extension which is being deprecated in php 7 and most hosts are not including it in the php build. You will have to change to mysqli In your local.config.php file change define('DBASE_TYPE', 'mysql'); to define('DBASE_TYPE', 'mysqli');
  12. Both are css issues. Somewhere you have defined white as the default color for anchor tags, probably so they will show up in the menu and footer. You will have to assign anchor link colors for the individual div's. Everything to the side is most likely a missed container tag or something of the like. Kind of guessing with only a picture to look at.
  13. It looks like it is working right now, what is the "current" installation? Looking right now http://uae-virtual.com/core/version looks like you are running 5.5.2 It looks like the ACARS script will have to be edited to get rid of the break error. This is probably stopping ACARS reports.
  14. With all the complaints I received I have hid it in the background currently, Until I can find something that makes everyone happy with the system it will remain that way. All data is still being recorded and live flights are showing on the map.
  15. There are templates in the same folder as all the other templates. email_registered.php email_registrationaccepted.php email_registrationdenied.php Make sure you put the edited versions in your skin folder so they are not overwritten in an update.
  16. What are you having issues with? I have 5.5.x running on php 7.0.5 in a development environment without any real problems.
  17. So you can submit via ACARS or no? Also, when submitting manually are you using the same flight number as the schedule shows - in the above case the airline would be the one with the AFA code and the flight number section should be 1912. Is this how you are entering the manual pirep?
  18. Have you tried any of this with the default crystal skin? Looking at the errors on your contact page and schedules page it looks to me like the currently in place skin has not been adapted from older versions of phpVMS.The event stop error should not be affecting it but it could be, I am thinking that it has something to do with the template variables. You could also try changing line 104 in core/classes/CodonEvent.class.php from public function hasStop($eventname) to public static function hasStop($eventname) This may get you past this particular error but it would not solve the why the pirep failure is happening.
  19. Remove it from the frontpage_main template file. // Show the activity feed MainController::Run('Activity', 'Frontpage', 20);
  20. There should be a "By Airline" option in the search. If you are trying to apply some "type" of airline to the search you are going to have to create a table with types and then edit the airlines table to include a reference to the type.
  21. If you are on shared hosting you will most likely have to open a support ticket with them to change it, if they will. It may be possible to run a custom php.ini file in the root of your site but most shared hosting providers have this disabled. If you have root access to the server you can change the setting in php.ini. short_open_tag=On You can also try setting it in your local config using the php directive, ini_set ('short_open_tag', 'on'); You can also try to set it in an .htaccess file if all else fails. Personally, I would just use my editor and do a mass replace of <?(space) with <?php
  22. Did you update the database with the new PIREP fields? That is what it sounds like to me if it is PIREPs causing all the issues.
  23. Looks like the same error that you get when you are trying to run an older version of phpVMS on a server running a php version greater than 5.4. There are a number of ways to fix the issues in the forums, you just need to decide which one fits you best.
  24. Looks like you are using the php version on a tpl template system - change the extension on the sidebar function in the admin module file, change the extension from php to tpl.
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