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  1. What version of phpVMS is this?
  2. It is updated. It was because your flights are marked mostly without a flight type when you submit a PIREP, The system did not what to do with the calculation when it hit one like that, so I have changed the code to ignore this situation and continue.
  3. Have you tried trouble shooting it by disabling SMTP and see if it will send just using php mail?
  4. In the email_resgistrationaccepted template you can use; <?php echo PilotData::getPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid); ?>
  5. Did you add the line from above?
  6. Try adding this line under your vacentral config in your local config file and try exporting again. Let me know what you get. config::set('VACENTRAL_DATA_FORMAT', 'xml'); Please post if this works. I think something is getting lost with JSON submits since the most recent php upgrade on the vaCentral Server.
  7. I do not know what version you are using but on my version there is a function behind the scenes when loading the admin dashboard. https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x/blob/master/admin/modules/Dashboard/Dashboard.php#L36 And there is a function in the vastats update here -> https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x/blob/master/core/common/CentralData.class.php#L258 Some older versions do not have this built in, and it also seems to have disappeared somewhere between the 934 and 935 release and returned later.
  8. I have received a few complaints recently about financial transactions taking place with members of the phpVMS forum board. This has been posted before but I am posting it as a reminder. Please be aware that we in no way endorse or recommend any members that offer paid services. We cannot and will not provide any action of recourse for members involved with paid services.
  9. That should do it, maybe hard refresh the browser (Ctrl-F5). Try deleting the logo and see if it disappears from the page, if not maybe you have it in multiple locations and you are changing the wrong one.
  10. Check your fonts folder. The font that the script is looking for is either missing or the permissions on the folder are incorrect to allow the script access to the file. /lib/fonts/
  11. Looks like you are using bootstrap which can cause the conflict. Depending on what version of phpVMS you are running this is what I use for a phpvms.js file to adapt to later versions of jquery and solve the "No Route Passed" error and well as some of the schedule search form issues. https://github.com/D...ib/js/phpvms.js
  12. I think you are talking about the difference between; http://flymirageva.org/phpvms/index.php/profile/view/MEC0002 and http://flymirageva.org/phpvms/index.php/profile/view/2 It is a mis-step in my coding when I implemented google charts for that page and the way the pilot_id gets parsed. I just pushed the fix for it to github -> https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x/commit/094fd85d7378ad154f4c4c83b978baff789f449f I have not been able to test it in a live environment yet but I think this will correct the issue.
  13. Are you using the version here -> https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpVMS-PopUpNews ?
  14. You would have to write something for that specifically, there are a couple of pilot specific functions available already -> https://github.com/D...a.class.php#L58
  15. I have not had anyone else with any issues since I got it back up and running a few months back. Are you getting any error? Can you access the raw xml feed in your browser?
  16. Are you using the older release or the tip version here -> https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpVMS-PopUpNews
  17. It should be; <landingrate></landingrate> preferably between flighttime and submitdate like this; <flighttime></flighttime> <landingrate></landingrate> <submitdate></submitdate> You can also add these at the end if you want to; <source></source> <log></log> <route></route> <rawdata></rawdata>
  18. I would guess it is related to this -> http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/22757-vacentral-status-and-updates/#entry120771 Send me a message here -> http://www.vacentral.net/contact <- and use the email that your account has on it.
  19. I have done some research on this and it seems that the subject can be hotly contested at times, your bold enlarged text reinforces that, and forgive me as I am more of a coder than a pilot. What I have found so far is that aircraft manufacturers do not have, that I can find as yet, a minimum recommended rate of decent at touchdown. I think days could be spent reading both technical and emotional posts in various forums and manufacturer sites. The one solid piece of information I have found is the design criteria for aircraft landings put out by the FAA. It states: The FAA in the same design considerations continue with this paragraph; I refer to the first sentence stating “Typical sink rates at touchdown are on the order of 2 to 3 feet per second, and even a “hard” landing rarely exceeds 6 feet per second”. Using their “Typical” touchdown rate as a guide to a good landing, or typical landing rate would be between 120 ft/min and 180 ft/min. Many sources state that anything as low as 50-80 ft/min are acceptable depending on flight conditions, and of course there are the simulator forums with the argument that -1 ft/min is the best rate possible. By design standards, anything over 360 ft/min at maximum design takeoff weight and anything over 600 ft/min at maximum design landing weight would be considered a “hard” landing requiring inspection of the aircraft. The question becomes how to apply a value to a landing rate and what is acceptable. 1 - Do I penalize anything less than 120 ft/min and anything over 600 ft/min? 2 - How do I apply a value to the landings between 120 and 180 which are considered “typical” by the FAA? 3 – What is the lowest acceptable landing rate without the landing being considered “unsafe” and a higher penalty being assessed? 4 – Do I penalize a va not submitting landing rates? 5 - This FAA information is for transport category aircraft, do I apply different parameters to GA?
  20. Reset the password and try again, with that message you are connecting to the database but the username or password is wrong. The only other thing would be if you did not create a database.
  21. My guess would be that when you are approving a PIREP the top pilot script is causing an error due to the PHP upgrade and stopping the process or at least not allowing it to get to the point of marking the PIREP approved or exported.
  22. Are there actually any pireps to export? && $unexported_count > 0
  23. kACARS guide may be of help - http://forum.phpvms....ars-free-guide/ Topics on the same error from forum search... http://forum.phpvms....and-application http://forum.phpvms....h-config-kacars Here is the page to get the files if you do not have them -> http://fs-products.n...ree/downloads-2
  24. You have removed all the scripts that make the map function from your header
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