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  1. makes me think there is an empty field for some reason, or there is some piece of data that possibly has a single quote in it that is not being escaped before hitting the database.
  2. Have you added this line to your dashboard controller? https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x/blob/master/admin/modules/Dashboard/Dashboard.php#L36
  3. My guess is that your free host does not have the option enabled. I would contact them but they will most likely tell you to upgrade to paid hosting. btw: I still can not get to your site.
  4. Is the path to the rank image valid? Are you using a relative or absolute path to the image, I want to say that it has to be an absolute path for it to work right.
  5. Your site will not even come up for me and I think you are probably fighting a losing battle but try this if you are using a version other than mine; In file /core/lib/recaptcha/recpathalib.php find line 40, it should be; define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", "api-verify.recaptcha.net"); and change it to; define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", gethostbyname('api-verify.recaptcha.net'));
  6. I would leave it set to XML if that is what you are referring to. I have yet to figure out why a php upgrade makes some sites json data collapse when it hits the server. I would really prefer everyone use xml anyway.
  7. For some reason the variable must be coming to the template empty. Where you ever able to see them? Have they been approved? If yes to both, what changed when they stopped showing up, did you update the system or the module, edit something?
  8. Something had to change, either on your site or on the server. You need to think back, was there anything that was edited on the site or something unexpected recently?
  9. I think I figured it out, there are no other airlines with this issue so I started looking at your data and the newest PIREP right now has a unique_id of 9042 yet there are PIREPS from your airline with a unique ID as high as 10874. This is the id that is assigned to it in your database of PIREPS. When the vacentral system sees a PIREP come in that has the same airline id and the same unique id as a PIREP already in the system it assumes it is an update and updates the old pirep, and also bypasses the activity feed. My guess is that on the 24th you guys reset your PIREPs database, or at least cleaned some out or something and reset the id column back to somewhere in the 9000's. Two solutions; 1 - I can delete all the PIREPS from the vaCentral database and you can resubmit them and it should correct the id issue or; 2 - Set your id column of your PIREPs table to something above 10874
  10. The vastats update that you are seeing is separate from PIREP and ACARS data and only updates once every 24 hours. The events are driven by PIREP submissions which should be happening as soon as it is filed unless you have made changes to your system. I am not aware of any database table in phpVMS that would be for vaCentral specifically.
  11. It should update as soon as a PIREP is filed, or you should be able to use the "Send PIREPS" link in the vaCentral control panel of your admin center.
  12. First thing, if those are really your database credentials you posted, you need to change them on your server before someone starts playing games with it. Start looking in Firebug or even the Firefox error panel when you go to one of those pages and see what, if any, errors are showing up.
  13. You will just need to remove any reference to it in the registration controller and registration template, although you are probably going to get flooded with spam registrations. I don't know what version you are using but the newer versions use noCaptha that just requires a check in most cases.
  14. Have you tried adding the new config line to your vaCentral config?
  15. <?php if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { //do stuff because the user is logged in } else { //do other stuff because the user is not logged in } ?>
  16. I did not understand what you were referring to, I was thinking the site news feed. I looked and it is actually right, the last true PIREP was put in the system on the 24th, the vasats have been updating. I am am guessing that your site is set to use json data which for some reason has all of a sudden given many sites an issue. When you go to your admin panel does it show flight waiting to be exported and when you try you get a message the there is no response from the API server? If so, try changing it to xml and let me know. http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/23275-exporting-pirep/#entry122813
  17. Possibly one of these issues; http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/20737-flight-schedules-in-admin-panel/#entry111433 http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/17290-solvedpilot-list-empty/#entry90589
  18. simpilot

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    Not exactly sure this is what you are looking for but maybe... <?php if(MainController::$activeModule == 'ACARS'){ //do stuff } else { //don't do stuff } ?>
  19. @flyalaska is probably on point. The older version of the screenshot center did not utilize the table prefix capability of phpVMS and the later versions do, so if you have updated most likely you will have to add your database prefix to your screenshots tables in your database.
  20. I just responded to your email but I basically sent you to the same link. Can you send me or post what the title and time of the last couple of news posts were so I can try to research them? I tried looking on your site but do not seem to find a news feed anywhere, maybe you have to be logged in.
  21. I have looked at your pages on your site and they seem to be working ok for tour details. My guess is that a person/site/crawler/forum is hitting a tour that is not visible to the public or doesn't exist, that is why I was wondering if it showed the url that was causing it. You may find that information in your apache logs. If you take a look at this page -> flyaka.com/index.php/tour/details/9999 <- you will see that the errors are there as the tour doesn't exist. If you go to a tour that exists and is properly setup -> flyaka.com/index.php/tour/details/115 <- everything seems to function properly. I can in the future try to put something in the code to catch this scenario.
  22. What is the url in the error log that is creating the error?
  23. Looks like it is one of mine. Try this, it should quiet the first error. https://github.com/D...feaed9e9b7c9acb The invalid argument error is due to the variable not being there. Tours that are non existent or possibly deleted are most likely being called upon.
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