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  1. Hello, we are already in test, but all seems working well. Fly for VA$ and sometimes you can change your Va$ into Amazon or Itunes Coupons ;-) Take a look on Fly4Bonus.com and look how it works...
  2. is it possible to show the vaCentrlal Live Map instead the acars map? i cannot find any code for the vacentral llive map...
  3. is it possible to correct it?
  4. i want to run this module again :-) i take a look in my pireps table now, and yes the landingrates are negative numbers.
  5. somebody knows how to set up a cronjob for resetting acars? i have in my phpvms folder a maintance.php but i dont use it,because i dont know what this file exactly do with my database. i see something inside "reset hours" and so on....that is not what im looking for. i only need to reset acars....
  6. lol...at this moment nothing counts anymore. i give up. htx parkho
  7. I installed the latest phpvms on my server. which PHP version should i choose? i can choose: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 5.5, 5.6. 7.0 and 7.1 momently im running on 5.3
  8. i solved the problem to show my aircraftstatus on my fleet...but now the next problem. first time all working fine, then i solved my problem with autopirep...now the autopirep is working. but now my aircraftcond is not working anymore..??! financial balance is working but now not the cond auf the aircrafts. one problem solved and the next is here... :((( i dont know why....
  9. SOLVED at this moment. idont know why, but with the file from user vangelis its working now: PirepAcData.class
  10. thx parkho, same code i tested...not working in my VA. you right, xacars dont log landingrates, i only testet, because im getting on each pirep a bonus.in my case, it doesnt matter is a landingrate inside the log or not... every pirep a count a bonus, also from FSacars. :-(
  11. oooh no :-( first time i think its working but now i see i have the same problem as ATAvCEO. the tip from meiswald ( changed from < 50 to > -50 for it to work ) doesn not work. i teste all kind of "<50 <-50 >50 and <-50" nothing. my pilotes gets everytime after a flight the bonus. maybe its not working with FSacars and Xacars?? here my code: # Give Bonus to good pilots $pilotbonus = "10"; $userinfo = PilotData::getPilotData($pirep_details->pilotid); if($pirep_details->landingrate > -50 OR
  12. now a new question.... how i can add a penalty for badlandings. for good landing a bonus - for bad landing a penalty that would be great
  13. i solved the problem by myself...thx. now its working. thx
  14. i got this error if i click admincenter: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PROTECTED in /home/990/217990/public_html/admin/modules/PIREPAdmin/PIREPAdmin.php on line 328 in lin 328: protected function delete_pirep_post() { i hope i correct my PIREPAdmin.php right see here: ....... /** * Approve the PIREP, and then update * the pilot's data */ protected function approve_pirep_post() { $pirepid = $this->post->id; if ($pirepid == '') return; $pirep_details = PIREP
  15. Installed this module and i had no problems ...all ok. but now im standing at the airport and if i click "Search for a flight" im always getting "no routes have been found" :-( * jumpseat is working fine. what im doing wrong? im using the last phpvms version and i changed all from tpl to php also inside "RealScheduleLiteData.class.php"
  16. i have the newest version of phpvms installed and its working perfect, but i dont know how i can show the aircraftstaus an my frontpage for my pilots. its all working in the admin area but how i can show to my pilots? on my fleetlist (frontpage) also nothing.... i want to show my pilots the current aircraftstatus...
  17. found a bug. if a aircraft is disabled, you can also book a flight :-(
  18. is there a way for output on the frontpage? i wanna show the condition from my aircrafts on frontpage for other pilots.
  19. and what about the pilotpayment for each hour? is this not included in this module? ...or its possible for the pilot his earned money to change the VA$'s to points?
  20. same here....no chance. testet with different pirepdata.class files from this forum. i had no errors by installing and no error messages and still not working....im nearly hopeless.
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