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  1. topher2880

    LARGE random screenshot on frontpage_main.tpl

    Duh.. I didnt even think to look in the core / templates folder to look at the code *facepalm* Thanks for that, all up and running
  2. This is half and half a code snippet post and also skinning however putting it here. Im using SimPilot's screen shot module, and was just wondering if there was a way of using the screen shot as a random image on the main page? I have an image that is 819 X 311 on the main page, and while I have the random image call working, I cant seem to make the image any larger. <?php Screenshots::show_random_screenshot(); ?> The actual code im using is : <center><?php $allpics = new Screenshots (); $allpics->show_random_screenshot();?></center> Adding any height= or width= seems to throw an error. Of course, in the past, ive made stupid mistakes, but I figure I will throw this out and surely get a reply pretty quick... as I usually do Thanks PHPVMS family
  3. topher2880

    Fleet SQL Creator

    likewise, i have a huge amount of aircraft to import and i cant sit here for hours doing it manually (or copy paste in phpmyadmin and change registrations)
  4. topher2880

    ReCaptcha Termination 31 March 2018

    Im looking for a Nairobi prince if anyone has any lying around :D on a serious note, looking for the fix to still require the recatcha
  5. topher2880

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Hi Vangelis, PirepAcData.class.php only has 350 odd lines of data, but PIREPData.class.php , line 807 is between the 2 lines below $pirepdata['load'] = FinanceData::getLoadCount($pirepdata['aircraft'], $sched->flighttype); } /* If the distance isn't supplied, then calculate it */
  6. topher2880

    Upcoming Departures

    Gotcha.. thanks again
  7. topher2880

    Upcoming Departures

    How do I give you a like? I certainly would do that. It doesnt have the great look of yours but it does look good matching my colour scheme
  8. topher2880

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Sorry to be a pain, however smartCARS is throwing the same error as the original post dated 06/12/2015 at 4:23 AM by danydj96 [08:11:17 AM] [ERROR] An unknown or unsatisfactoy response was received during the PIREP filing. It was : <br /> <b>Strict Standards</b>: Non-static method PirepAcData::search() should not be called statically in <b>/home/topweb1/flyasia/core/common/PIREPData.class.php</b> on line <b>807</b><br /> SUCCESS Im using phpVMS 2.1.936 until I can upgrade
  9. topher2880

    Upcoming Departures

    Hi, thanks heaps for posting that. I dont have the colours and neat look that your screen capture does, but the data is displaying, I can edit the layout to suit mine. Very much appreciated Leonard
  10. topher2880

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Thanks for that. Got it installed however its throwing errors back at smartCARS when lodging, and not auto-accepting.
  11. topher2880

    Upcoming Departures

    Really, the upcoming departures (current bids) would be great to display on my main page (frontpage_main.tpl) I display live flights, but as we all know, you need smartCARS (or similar) active for those, but to display flights booked and not yet running would be great
  12. topher2880

    Upcoming Departures

    Is there any updates on this? Specifically id like to display the upcoming flights (bids) and the airframe reg is a nice touch also.. but the mods are old and hard to find (for me)
  13. topher2880

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    is this mod still available and if so, where can I get it? Also is it compatible with tours? I know theyre touchy with "approval all pireps", but with auto, unless 2 people submit at the same time, I guess there wont be an isse
  14. topher2880

    Clickable VATSIM/IVAO link

    Hi mate the custom profile field is called VATSIM ID, so it came up, if i changed the field, i would need to change this text also. Thanks to both of you for your help.
  15. topher2880

    Clickable VATSIM/IVAO link

    fantastic.. that is spot on. thanks so much Topher