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  1. Could a search function be added to this module to find out what pilot flew the most hours of a particular month. I know the display shows for the current month but I would like to find out who flew the most hours last month. Thanks in advance
  2. I managed to fix my issue. I must have edited the app_config file without knowing I had. I uploaded a new file from the download and all is now working.
  3. Hi all, I have encountered an issue that has only just started happening on my site. When someone logs onto my site the URL page stays the same https://virtualei.net/index.php/login and the main page does not appear. If you then click on a button on the Home tab all works fine. Can anyone advise what they think is happeneing . Thanks in advance https://prnt.sc/xbcuo1 after logging in https://prnt.sc/xbcvld after clicking home button
  4. @ProAvia yes that is ok. I am happy with that. I wouldn't normally have written here but as you can imagine I am quite annoyed with the whole thing and I am sure it is most likely a simple fix.
  5. Hi all, I wish I had seen the comments about Crazy Creatives not being active anymore before I purchased his Airline Route map. I have tried to contact him but I am not getting a reply. I am appealing to you all for some help. My map is blank and I do not know how to fix it. Can anyone advise what I need to do. I realize that this is a paid module but as Crazy Creatives are not active I do not know where to turn to. Please see below. https://prnt.sc/x2amn2
  6. Hi, just installed this module but my ADMIN dahboard seems to have lost its structure. Can anyone help please https://prnt.sc/v8u4is
  7. @Strider has solved it thankfully. It seems my host had cached my files. He moved the file to my skin JS folder and it worked. Thanks Strider :). Can anadmin mark this as solved please
  8. Hmm possible mate. Getting it now of GITHUB . They are TPL files for the templates but I am changing them to php
  9. I am really starting to think it is the API. I have again deleted all the file and re-installed them. Still getting the same error. Interestingly though when I check my sources on my site i get this https://prnt.sc/sw0r8e but this is the code I have on my cpanel * SimBrief APIv1 Javascript Functions * For use with VA Dispatch systems * By Derek Mayer - contact@simbrief.com * * Any individual wishing to make use of this class must first contact me * to obtain a unique API key; without which it will be impossible to connect * to the API. * * Any attempt to circumvent the API authorization, steal another * developer's API key, hack, compromise, or gain unauthorized access to * the SimBrief website or it's web systems, or bypass or allow others to bypass * the SimBrief.com login screen will result in immediate revocation of the * associated API key, and in serious situations, legal action at my discretion. */ /* * Modify this variable if your "simbrief.apiv1.php" file is not located in the * same directory as your Dispatch Options page. */ var api_dir = 'https://www.virtualei.net/core/modules/SimBrief/'; //Ex. "some/directory/"; /* * Settings and initial variables */ I will wait and see if Simbrief get back to me witha new key unless anyone else has any ideas Thanks Alan
  10. Yes have tried that also. It was in my HTML Head template and I moved it to above </head> but still the same issue. I really am at a loss
  11. /* * Modify this variable if your "simbrief.apiv1.php" file is not located in the * same directory as your Dispatch Options page. */ var api_dir = 'https://www.virtualei.net/index.php/core/modules/SimBrief/'; //Ex. "some/directory/"; This is from my JS file
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