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  1. harryh146

    Financial Report V2.0

    HI I am trying to do the same, however sadly im not able to i think its changed here: <td><?php echo FinanceData::formatMoney($expense->cost);?></td> However i am not sure how to remove the "£" on my page or change it to "%" I will let you know if i make any progress Regards Harry
  2. harryh146

    Finances INOP

    Good Afternoon Ladies & Gents, i hope you are well, we are currently having some problems with our Finances module for some reason we are neither gaining or loosing money our balance is currently at 0, please see screenshot. All data within our schedules is present including flight prices, does anyone have any idea what i have missed somewhere or point me in the right direction ? We are currently running VMS 5.5 (PHP version). Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Harry
  3. harryh146

    Flight Route on Live ACARS Map

    Good Afternoon guys, did anyone get to the bottom of this ? I have followed the steps and just see point A to point B Kind Regards Harry
  4. harryh146

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    Thank you that table has now been added to my DB, however im having a few issues & none of the above answers or fix's look like any of the code i have, ill attach pictures so you can see. I hope you can help me. Kind Regards Harry
  5. harryh146

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    Hi FlyAlaska thank you very much for uploading that for me ! No worries re-doing my css sheet at the moment anyway, Thanks again ! Kind Regards Harry
  6. harryh146

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    Good Morning Lades & Gents, I would really like to use this module as im running Classic VMS 5.5 (PHP version) but sadly none of the download links work could anyone provide me with a download link? Looks like a fantastic addition to my site. Kind Regards Harry.
  7. harryh146

    Web Developer Position Paid

    Good Afternoon Ladies & Gents, I am currently here to advise I require a web developer for BMI Baby Virtual. I currently have a very cohesive team however we have a lack of web developer with the time available to make this project viable in regards to time. I would like to have some assistance within the following area's: - PHP Coding - CSS Coding - VMS Skinning - VMS Modules This is a paid opportunity and a price can be negotiated during an informal interview, I do request you have a portfolio of any previous PHP VMS projects, here are the following requirements: Be over the age of 18 Speak fluent English Excellent communication skills Provide references We are looking forward to welcome on you on board (Champagne is provided) , please post if you are interested, to apply please private message me hear on the forums. I look forward to receiving your replies ! Kind Regards Harry Hopwood
  8. harryh146

    ObsessBlue 2.0

    Hello all, I would love to have a look at this skin does anyone have a download link or it left in there "downloads" folder ? Kind Regards Harry
  9. harryh146

    Arcade Air Provence new skin

    Afternoon Orobouros, very nice work ! Regards Harry