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  1. After a lot of time and effort we are so excited to announce Bmibaby Virtual is now open to pilot application's ! We cannot wait to welcome you to our family don't miss this opportunity baby! Regards Bmibaby Staff Team. Please click to apply: http://bmibaby.net/
  2. Hey, With discord you need to include your name & the hash numbers at the end, i have sent you my user name anyway Regards H
  3. Were on discord in a call at the moment I will private message my user name to you Regards Harry
  4. Looks amazing !!! Keep up the fantastic work. I will more than happily beta test for you i also have a friend thats willing to beta test as well with his own PHPVMS setup. Best Regards Harry
  5. Hi CPC900, Nice website ! so just to confirm its the "flights" column thats doubling in numbers as seen here ? Regards Harry
  6. Good Afternoon Amirmahdioun, can you confirm that your server is running at least PHP version 5.5 ? I would recommend version 5.6 as thats what I am running without any issues. Kind Regards Harry
  7. Good Afternoon krrish, can you confirm you have allocated at least 1GB of memory in the php.ini file on your server? & was the page working on your old server ? Regards Harry
  8. Good Afternoon CPC900, could you provide me with a link to your website so i can have a look. Kind Regards Harry
  9. Good Afternoon, Thegmader by the looks of your website you have this fixed now ? Regards Harry
  10. Looks amazing so far mate !!! if you need any beta testing I am always around Kind Regards Harry
  11. HI I am trying to do the same, however sadly im not able to i think its changed here: <td><?php echo FinanceData::formatMoney($expense->cost);?></td> However i am not sure how to remove the "£" on my page or change it to "%" I will let you know if i make any progress Regards Harry
  12. Good Afternoon Ladies & Gents, i hope you are well, we are currently having some problems with our Finances module for some reason we are neither gaining or loosing money our balance is currently at 0, please see screenshot. All data within our schedules is present including flight prices, does anyone have any idea what i have missed somewhere or point me in the right direction ? We are currently running VMS 5.5 (PHP version). Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Harry
  13. Good Afternoon guys, did anyone get to the bottom of this ? I have followed the steps and just see point A to point B Kind Regards Harry
  14. Thank you that table has now been added to my DB, however im having a few issues & none of the above answers or fix's look like any of the code i have, ill attach pictures so you can see. I hope you can help me. Kind Regards Harry
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