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  1. No worries glad you all got it working :-)
  2. If the line is commented out, which it is as in the snippet you provided above, then Jeff must have done step 3 too. I'd suggest asking Jeff as it seems he's made a few mods to the file.
  3. That looks like it's parsing the same data as how I done it. The departure airport's lat and long coordinates and the route. I would jump to step 3 and see if the routes show up on the map.
  4. I'm running a test flight at the moment, if you want to see the amends in action, go here: http://aroundtheworldclub.co.uk/index.php/acars
  5. I had forgot that I made a change to the acarsmap.js file too. Please see amendment on original post. If this still doesn't work for you guys, I'm at a loss as to why not.
  6. EDITED ON 20/03/14 - FORGOT ABOUT 3RD FILE AMEND AND ADDED SOME OPTIONAL TWEAKS. If like me, you want to have the route for each live flight shown on the ACARS map, you can make the amendments to three files in order to do so. I've tested this on a custom KACARS install. This will work for scheduled and charter flights as long as a route is entered either in the schedule, or entered into the ACARS program. If a route doesn't exist in the schedule, or one isn't entered in the ACARS program, a straight point to point line will be shown. Files to edit: ​​Make backups of these two files bef
  7. I've been busy with my part time university studies and work, so this project took a back seat for a long time. I started working on it again a couple of days ago though, and have made some progress. I've made the "find airports by country" form pull the data via ajax. A difference from the original. The data I have being used for the module is: Basic Airport Info (ICAO, lat & lng, country) I can add an airport description easily enough. For me, it isn't going to me used, as I have over 30,000 airports in my database, and I can't find a good data source I could use to pull the descriptio
  8. What about people viewing on iPads/tablets, laptops, mobiles etc? I've just looked on my iPad and the right stats div overlaps around a third of the page width. It's lazy development if you don't consider the multitude of screen resolutions available and aim to ensure that the site displays correctly on as many devices as possible. I would recommend that you remove the right div, and replace it in the main page layout.
  9. Subbed to this thread, and extremely interested in how it progresses! It's a great idea and would be a very welcome add on for phpVMS, in my opinion.
  10. You'll find a quick tutorial here: http://www.inetsolution.com/turnleft/post/CSS-Style-Switcher-A-quick-and-dirty-how-to.aspx It shouldn't be difficult to implement this into a phpVMS site.
  11. I'm not trying to deter you or anyone, but I believe you have to be realistic. You can't expect to jump into any PHP MVC based system like phpVMS without doing some preparation first. Much in the same way that a pilot cant fly solo until he has the necessary skills to be able to do so. Learning basic HTML, CSS and PHP are the first steps. I fail to see why that statement has insulted you? Its a common problem here on these forums where people download phpVMS, try installing it and then run into problems because they lack the knowledge or experience of the basics. Many here on the forums are p
  12. Some time ago, I released a module that added airport information pages to phpVMS, with the help of some other members. I'm looking to release version 2 within the next month, with more features. One of these I've already sorted out, and that's runway information, as shown below: It's pretty basic at the moment, showing only the runway Idents, surfaces and lengths. I'm going to be adding elevations and whether they have runway lighting or not next. Not sure there is any other data I could include here? I'm also adding NOTAMs and METARS with these ready to drop into the existing scripts. W
  13. Sorry about not updating sooner, been busy the last week. I've had a few test flights on the sim, and ended up un-installing it. Performance was worse on P3D than it was with FSX. I ran a flight on P3D and on FSX, with both on the same settings for the visuals and the FPS came in at 2-3 FPS lower for P3D average, and some nasty spike drops too. I never took any screenshots while I was doing so, as I was short on time. I may run some more tests but I'll need a day to do it properly, and I'll need to reinstall P3D too. I was pretty gutted to be honest. Another thing that instantly bugged me is
  14. Let's clear a few things up. Firstly, I wasn't being rude, nor do I think I am better than anyone else because I happen to know a few lines of code as you put it. I learned web development by practising and reading, the same way almost every other developer learns. Your opening of several threads for the same problem, and trying to veil it with c**k-eyed excuses lead me to post what I did. You may have narked those who could have probably helped you the most by doing so, to the point where they cannot be bothered to help you. You also seem to be ignoring the fact that this is a community based
  15. I stand by what I said. Skinning up a phpVMS website, and also modifying it, demands that the person attempting to do so has a basic grasp of HTML, CSS and PHP. As I said, there are thousands of resources available out there which can assist those who lack that basic grounding. If you want to take that as me being rude, then that's yor prerogative. I've only been back on these forums a short while, but I've noticed you spamming, opening new threads constantly for the same problem. This forum is built on hobbyists who enjoy using phpVMS, and like to offer help where they can. You cannot expect
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