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  1. When i have built websites in the past and used SSL I've not always but the "whole" site under the HTTPS://. Im currently waiting for the newly acquired SSL certificate to become active and play with phpVMS (Sim pilots version) and see if there is a way to implement it without much problem. In the past I know it can be a pain in the rear end to fully implement, more so when calling javascript. I know google recomends using https: rather than http when using their CDN scripts. Back to the point I'm trying to make tho, I'm sure only implementing it on the "login" and "registration" controllers may solve issues since thats mainly the areas of clear text that we want to secure? Just a thought if its easier implantation your looking for..
  2. Hello I am trying to use the API functions however I get the following message: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/imgvirtu/public_html/facebook/index.php:13) in /home/imgvirtu/public_html/core/codon.config.php on line 40 The code i use is: <?php include ('../core/codon.config.php'); ?> I was wondering if anyone could please shed some light here....
  3. I must admit I started out using the "obsess Blue skin" which tbh can only be modified so many times before every site that uses it kinda looks the same. Problem with creating a "bespoke" design is the amount of editing required of all templates you need to use Can be scary at first but a crash course in CSS and as your using CS5 code hinting is also available to assist in coding syntax.
  4. The problem is the bot system has now got smarter and human beings are registering on forums and websites then turning the account into a spambot. Of course ip banning and other tools available will stop some and deter others, however its worth keeping in mind advertising companies will always seem to find a way through these tools we set. My forum alone gets around 5 spam members a day which is a work load for our moderators to control, delete, ban on an ip level to find another 5 in a few days time...
  5. Cheers will give it ago thanks for that!
  6. sorry to mislead ppl here, its the url fopen thats disabled... will re-check the code to make sure i wasnt using a url parth to the file, but i know i had an error on the lines of: " URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/imgvirtu/public_htm"
  7. ive tried doing the same thing however fivedev have disabled the "fopen" command so trying to figure out how to open the image to be edited...
  8. Thanks for your constructive comments, its the first time i've designed a layout from the ground up more so using the 960 system, The "missing tpls" are from modules i created for the obsess blue skin, but still need to convert the layouts, believe me there is not enough caffeine in the world at the moment!!! Rank images and other layout problems should be fixed in the upcoming days, as for colors i'm still in the "undecided" stage, was hoping the less is more theme would work better than a visitor being blinded by too much... Ill also upload screen shots of the pilot pages once again thanks for your comments, Steve
  9. Hiya Guys, THe past 12 months on phpvms have been fantastic and my skills in php css and the codon framework have increased tenfold. With some minor template fixes to finish off i thought I would share my work with you all Please tell me what you all think.... Imagine Airways Homepage
  10. ty for your help guys, will have a play over the w/e and see what i can come up with lol
  11. Hi Guys, Im trying to get the departure board on my site (www.imgvirtual.com) to show the "actual" dep time according to kacars or fsacars... Changing the NOW() function in AcarsData.Class.php to UTC_TIMESTAMP() changed the lastupdated field in the acars table however not the deptime/arrtimes. These are still in EST and not UTC which i would like. I can see the code uses a mix of FROM_UNIXTIME() and time() functions, even placing date_default_timezone_set("UTC"); at the start of the function doesnt seem to change these fields.... any pointers?
  12. Hiya, Ive done a quick look through the searching for this answer however can someone explain in a yes or no fashion... When updating VMS do I need to start from the first update, or do the latest release contain the previous updates? I ask because Ive been lazy and havent applied an update since first using vms back in May. Thanks for your help Steve
  13. savagegrave

    PMDG 747X

    for somereason the PMDG 747x has always played games with acars and other flight management addins, Having owned the aircraft for a couple of years ive realised that its better to fuel the aircraft, set the pumps accordingly then leave them alone even if the message display and the overhead tells you to start pushing buttons. As nebal said, it balances fuel automatically and does things that fsx cant really understand, and as such most clients think its "re-fuelling" when in actual fact, its just moving the fuel between tanks. While under KACARS i get the message (mostly when doing flights with a full tank) it hasnt to my knowledge caused any problems. Howver it did return a negative fuel load when i pushed the fuel tank buttons mid flight when the overhead asked me too..... As a result i leave alone now hope this helps.
  14. I would be happy to take up the challenge, through loosing my job car and everything else Im looking to get back into programming. I have dug out my copy of VS2008 so am happy to give this a go if you dont mind.... just an idea anyway
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