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[Updated] [Free Complete Skin] Arctic

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hello caalair,

The artic template concern you have the diveder or color below the pictures is an actual divider called "alert-info" which can be found in the "bootstrap.css" file on line 5668 see below!

.alert-info {
color: #ffffff; <!------- color of font inside the divider-->
background-color: #5bc0de; <!------- change this to whatever you want background of divider to be (main color)--->
border-color: #3db5d8; <!-------border color of divider (border of main color)--->

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Or if you want some standard colors then bootstrap already has them integrated.

alert alert-success is green

alert alert-warning is yellow

alert alert-info is blue

alert alert-danger is red

If you wanted a custom color, then just edit the line above in vbegin7's post or copy and paste it in your CSS file to override it.


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I'm the only one who has problems with booking flights with this template?

Someone who has installed and working properly?

It must be a problem of the template.

With the OceanBlue template, I can book flights.

Artic select the template and get the message: "No route passed"

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