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[SKIN][Free] iCrew LITE skin 2018 designed for phpVMS


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On 1/18/2018 at 6:20 AM, LeonardIGO4036 said:

Okay, so did you create a subdomain ? 

When you create a subdomain, you would need to point it at a specific folder. So that folder would be named iCrew (or pretty much of your choice)


I have created a sub domain but does this subdomain need to be in public_html.

lemme show my root folder.

If its done wrong pls help


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25 minutes ago, Mebin said:

I have created a sub domain but does this subdomain need to be in public_html.

lemme show my root folder.

If its done wrong pls help


I don't know how well it works if it's not on the public_html, but on my site, the folder is inside the public_html 


P.s cPanel should make the stuff easy for you. 

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Hi guys,

I'd like to use the iCrew template, but i have a few minor issues with it. Maybe someone can help me with my open points:

- on the registration page, apparently the CSS code is messed up. Also, the captcha does not work (call to undefined function recaptcha_get_html).
- on the dashboard page, "Total Hours" is shows as "NaN" only.
- staff page does not work (The module "STAFF" does not exist!). I can't find the module anywhere.
- notifications is always shows "12 new members joinded". How can I remove this?
- on the flight report page, the field for APP/ARR airport is too small or not high enough.

In addition, I would like to comply with the legal requirements and would like to add the following pages:
- imprint
- privacy policy
- cookie guideline

I would be happy to get some tips/help here.


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On 2/25/2018 at 9:32 PM, latitude24 said:

I have everything installed.  But when I log in or click on the Dashboard button it brings me to ../index.php/profile which returns a blank page with the exception of

Hello Wade, Welcome back to {airline}

Today's Hours
But if I were to type into the URL adding a /view/1 after profile it will bring me to my profile page nicely. 

how did you get this fixed please

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I installed it too with some problems remaining.

when searching schedules it shows noting but found 14

registration page not working after removing captcha entries

staff module not working


any help would be appreciated.


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On 4/25/2018 at 12:21 AM, latitude24 said:

Have to add the code to the stats data class I believe. Should be in the documentation



People who are facing problems with the skin, please do refer the documentation once more. There might be something you would have missed. 

Thanks mate :) 

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37 minutes ago, loganq said:

Hi guys,


I"m slightly confused. I followed the installation instructions. The first section says:

Which is what I did. Then I followed the instructions as per the documentation.php file.

  1. Created the sub domain
  2. Removed my original installation from the root public_html folder
  3. Uploaded a clean set of files for phpVMS V5.5.x into the sub domain
  4. Ran the update.php script and completed the necessary fields
  5. Moved/copied the iCrewLITE folder into public_html/(subdomain_folder_name)/lib/skins
  6. Made the config and table change

While logged in everything looks great, right until you log out. Then you get this:


So that leaves me with THEE question....what did I do wrong?


Hey! I am working on an update which should be up in a few hours. 

But here is a quick fix : 
Go to core > modules > Logout > Logout.php and in line 25 you should have "header('Location: '.url('/'));"
Change it to the link you want to direct to, for example

To redirect the page to a module within the VA after logging out : "header('Location: '.url('/'));"

To redirect the page to a URL outside the VA : "header('Location: https://www.myvahomepage.com');"

Hope this helps :) 
Sorry for the inconvenience


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UPDATE : v2.1 Released! 
click here to download

Added Privacy Module

Edited Staff Module, changed way of functioning. No more SQL work needed.

Fixed bug on registration page - Showing only HTML

Fixed bug on registration page - reCaptcha

Styled PIREP Comments, PIREP View, and PIREP Edit pages aditionally.

Added conditional statements for Charts fetch.

Fixed StatsData::TotalHours(); => NaN error.

Updated iCrew LITE Usage policy

and alot more optimization and bug fixes. Please download the latest version and follow the instructions.

Read the documentation here https://icrewsystems.github.io/docs/


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7 hours ago, pifortif said:

Hello, I'm connected to the site but I've the message who appears and it's impossible to load the web page.


this is the message Loading up for an awesome experience


Have you got a solution ?



If you are using SSL on your site, follow this guide to get it working!

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Hey buddy, thank you for your appreciation. 

Styling the skin is really simple. I've included this in the documentation, but just in case you missed it. 

"To change your theme, just simply go to lib > skins > iCrewLITE > layout.php and on line '79' theme-indigo change the "indigo" to your desired theme.

For your login background screen, for this release, you have to change it in each of the login_xyz.php and registration_xyz.php in the style tag."

Hope this helps! 

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