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  1. Sounds like you have not set it up correctly. If a module is setup correctly, it works, if it is not working then there is something amiss. Is the an admin sidie with settings? Do you have to edit the local.config file to add some lines to it? You have to make sure they are all in if so and you haven't missed anything. Have you added the criteria?
  2. What exactly happens, does it come up with an invalid api key? Or no pop up shows at all? A link to your site might help, it could be you haven't put the link to the JS file in which would cause that problem.
  3. If it is looking for a .tpl file but you have it as .php you need to change it to .tpl. 5.5.2 though uses .php for the template files. So if it is footer.tpl but it is looking for footer.php just change the footer.tpl to footer.php. It is not that the skin isn't compatible, it just needs editing to use .php instead of .tpl. You need to make sure all files are in the correct place.
  4. If it is telling you that a template file is not found, it means the file is not where it is supposed to be or is missing, and you need to upload it.
  5. You can change the UTF8 to another one that would support the Turkish language
  6. Make sure your browser allows popups, if the browser blocks them, nothing will happen. I have it and it works fine, so that is not the cause.
  7. I dont think it would require a complete rewrite of it, it would need a lot more coding to get it to work,
  8. What I gather it does, is instead of having a function for each and every acars client, it creates a php file the code can deal with. But why is it calling it auth.php I don't know. It may mean I have to ask nabeel as he may have more insight into what it does and a possible fix for it.
  9. Here is the most recent errors i am getting in the error_log [16-Jul-2020 18:05:36 UTC] PHP Warning: include_once(/icrew/core/modules/ACARS/auth.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /icrew/core/modules/ACARS/ACARS.php on line 47 [16-Jul-2020 18:05:36 UTC] PHP Warning: include_once(): Failed opening '/icrew/core/modules/ACARS/auth.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/share/pear') in /icrew/core/modules/ACARS/ACARS.php on line 47
  10. Ok, i have gotten the table to be populated, but flights are still not showing on the map.
  11. I have tried resetting the acars map but it doesn't work as no data is getting inserted
  12. smartcars is linked to my new icrew site which is currently on php 5.6. The ID on the acarsdata table is set to auto_increment, but that table is empty, so those acarsid are phantom ID's
  13. It now seems now pilots show on it. I have no clue as to why this started. It seems different parts of my site seem to break. It is getting really tiresome.
  14. 11632701 I am getting acarsid's like that. But acarsdata table is empty.
  15. smartcars, and all are using it, it is not sending the data to the acarsdata table for some reason, but is sending to another table that is used to populate another page. No errors in any log, all error logs are not dated today as the last time they were modified.
  16. Here is navdata 2008 for people who are having trouble with installing it. phpvms_navdata.sql.zip
  17. Some flights when pilots are flying dont show on the acars map. It only seems to be a few. Their pirep is still filed however
  18. It seems that not all my pilots when they fly are being picked up by the acars map, yet they are still able to file so it is not a huge problem, but would like to see them on the map. Would anyone know a reason as to why not all the pilots flying will show on the map?
  19. I have edited the import code to allow you to export the codeshare flights within the normal CSV format and then to import them via the import schedules. https://github.com/Strider2/sched_import
  20. It can happen the tables import, but the data isn't imported into those tables. I have seen it happen, it is a pain, if you have the database download, open the SQL file and find the relevant tables and copy the insert SQL and do it that way. When you imported the DB did you get any errors.
  21. I have updated this module as I found an error in the code for editing the codeshare airlines. It has been fixed. You can download the update here.
  22. a signle part of code that in it self can't work without the other files, won't breach copyright. I am not asking for all the code, just the part that instructs how many rows to show. is the code set to 15. Most of the time that is just 1 line of code, which won't work by itself so i cant steal it nor can anyone as they would need more then 1 file and/or lines of code.
  23. The code, as i don't know what the code looks like. Just need to see the code for the showing the pilots signed up not the entire thing. Also asking for help for a product payware or not is not against the law. What is, would be to share the module with others for free, or to edit it a slight bit and then claim it as your own. As since simpilot is no longer around, how else are they going to get help with the modules otherwise. As most likely people who have it will be the ones to help.
  24. Did you finish the flight? If so, and you have closed the acars program, flights remain on the map and move to that location as it is not getting info from the acars program anymore. To change that, edit your local.config file and change the following settings Config::Set('ACARS_LIVE_TIME', 10); that is defaulted to 720, change it to a lower number like 10, means after the flight the flight disappears from the map and that problem is not encountered.
  25. You will have to use that, as it doesn't look like it has SMTP built in as it can't find it. So just use your admin email.
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