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  1. I fixed the above problem, but i still can't file pireps. Can anyone give me code to log the SQL query to see what it being passed or if anything is being passed to the DB
  2. [07-Jul-2020 20:04:15 Europe/Dublin] PHP Warning: mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user 'malaysi1_icrew_user'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /core/classes/ezdb/ezdb_mysqli.class.php on line 101 [07-Jul-2020 20:04:15 Europe/Dublin] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught <blockquote><font face=arial size=2 color=000099><b>Last Error --</b> [<font color=000000><b>Access denied for user 'malaysi1_icrew_user'@'localhost' (using password: YES) (1045)</b></font>]<br />[<font color=000000><b></b></font>]</font><p> </blockquote><hr noshade color=dddddd size=1> thrown in /core/classes/ezdb/ezdb_mysqli.class.php on line 106 I get that error when i submit a manual pirep can someone shed some light on how to fix that as it is only the pirep form that is causing that error. as all other forms work without error, and submit the data.
  3. I have moved to a VPS now, but still have this problem.
  4. He did say it will be both paid and free. The free version will not have as much functionality as the paid version
  5. I have tried all that. I even tried optimising it from the table itself. I am going to be moving to a VPS to have more control over it. it seems the insert function for the pireps is not working the way it should do. I have replaced those files with ones from backups but that did not help.
  6. I had it on my computer. So here it is. Certificate_Of_Promotion_V1.1.zip
  7. If you are on a local hosted site it may have problems with trying to use the simple_load_file. Also it might be that it can't work on php v 7.2
  8. Looks like it is trying to get a template that it cant find. And by some of the errors it is having problems with SSL, if you use SSLthere are some files that need to be edited. I don't know this module, b ut if it is trying to get info from an external source, and you are not connected to the internet it could cause problems. What module are you trying to use? As I cant find smartmodules on their site.
  9. I have updated this module to V2.1 it has changed the way it works from before. No longer having to remove constraints. You can view the readme and download it https://github.com/Strider2/codeshare there.
  10. This I think is coming from a problem i had with the schedules table a few days ago. It got corrupted, and i had to migrate to a new table as i couldn't fix that. I wonder could that have damaged the db so much that some code cant see it. As i have edited my codeshare module, so that it doesn't require the removal of a foreign key constraint.
  11. phpvms version? php version are you on a free host or paid.
  12. Firstly, phpvms 7 is not released, it is just beta. You shouldn't be using it for a productions site. If it failed you either missed something, or your server can't handle it and will need to be upgraded. phpvms 7 is designed for the latest php version. So your claim that phpvms 7 is a cancer is totally off the mark by a thousand miles.
  13. What is baffling me, is it is trigering the email saying there is a pirep waiting for approval. But it is failing to enter the detauils into the db. I have tried adding an entry in manually but it failed, so my guess is, there is something wrong with the pireps table. I have not touched that table. That table is the only one that seems to have a problem with data entry, all others work fine. I have tried moving databases but to no avail.
  14. I am in the process of getting a new site done with icrew, i have set smartcars to icrew, which is at the moment on php v 5.6. It is not working from that either.
  15. I installed it onto phpv 5.6 but i cant get into the admin db, says i dont have permission
  16. If i try to file a pirep manually i get a schedule doesnt exist error.
  17. That is what i am confused about. it is getting to most things but when it comes to insert the data into the db it fails. I asked my host could they roll back the version of mariadb, they said they cant. I do have date and time fields that caused some trouble in adding. but work now with adding. codeshares. But come to think of it, the changes i made to the schedules table i made on the 30th of june and i still got pireps on the 1st of July. So something happened between the 1st and 2nd. I am on shared, I wonder has another site caused trouble. I am not thinking of going with a VPS to have more control over what is one the server.
  18. No, no table that has an id anywhere near that number. If you go into the page it doesn't show anything. I think this is a problem with my update to my codeshare module
  19. There is no data in the pages it shows. https://malaysiava.org/index.php/pireps/view/11450513 that number is a mystery to me as i have no idea where it has come from, the pirep id's that are in the pireps table dont go above 33k
  20. It is telling you that it can't do the sums without data, so you will need to have some flights done to get that warning gone
  21. phpvms version 5.5.2 php version 7.1 mysql/mariadb version: 10.3.23-MariaDB-cll-lve It was working fine up until yesterday. Now nothing is really working the way it should do. I can add schedules and codeshares, but sending airmail, submitting pireps are not working. The subitting pireps sends the email a pirep has been submitted, and it shows on the front page but with the wrong url the pirep id is way outside the number it should be, and when i check the db the pirep is not there. So it seems that it has given itself it's own db
  22. I have an issue that I dont know why it is happening. No pireps have been recorded today yet pilots have flown and have filed the pireps as I have gotten the emails stating they have. But they are not submitted, but it shows on the front page as they have flown, but the pirep ID is some really big number but the ID in the pirep table is not that big. Anyone know what could cause an issue like that? Or has anyone encountered this problem and fixed it, if so how did you fix it. I had to move to a new db, recently, and had to reimport the schedules db. Could that have caused a problem with the bids?
  23. Sorry my bad, I had made a little coding error, which has now been fixed, and is up on the my github account. Please download it and replace the CodeShareData.class.php in core>commonand it should fix a problem with adding the schedules. Replace codeshare_new_form.php in admin>templates>codeshare. It will fix a flighttime error.
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