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  1. Most hosts will not regress to a lower MariaDB/Mysql db version as on shared there are other sites which regressing could break. The best option for that is a VPS or dedicated server. But I think your DB version could be the cause, but it doesn't sound like a problem with strict mode though. As that seems to be mainly causing problems with inserting data into the DB not displaying data. It could also be a modification you made and you made a slight error and the code is not displaying the data. And URL to your VA would be helpful so we can see exactly what is going on.
  2. Here is airac cycle 2009 for those of you that want it. phpvms_navdata.zip
  3. Looks like he has uninstalled it, the link says it doesn't exist
  4. Is the airlines table populated? If so, check the code for those to see if it is pointing to the right table. Have you edited any of the code recently? Also have you fixed the problem?
  5. I dont think xacars works with phpvms v7. There is one other freeware acars that works, but since phpvms v7 is only in beta all but one acars developers are not supporting phpvms v7 yet.
  6. Thew link needs to point to that address, it seems in the error, the .org is missing, thus it is giving an error, look at the code and see if you can find where the code is going wrong.
  7. Here is an example/template of asking for help. Hi, I have a problem with my VA, site is not working the way it should can you help me My database version is: MYSQL 5.7/MariaDB 10.2 PHPVMS 5.5.2/ php version 5.6/7.x Paid Hosting/freehosting shared/VPS/Dedicated I have installed X module recently/ made changes to X files. Here is the link to my VA site http://myvasite.com/.net/.org error you receiving goes here Image of error is an alternative way of showing the error. Regards Insert name/username here
  8. Is your site a .com/.org/.net??? As the url I see doesn't have that, which would mean your code is trying to call a non web address and is failing.
  9. My reply was not to you, it was to OAVpertF, no need for the attitude
  10. If you have an email with a different server, then you will need to setup it up in the local.config file, set the smtp settings to get the emails to go from that.
  11. I have created a module to easily add a Discord Server widget to your VA It is very easy to use, saves you from having to create a page and get the iframe code and putting it in. You can download it here You can view a demo here
  12. If this catches the bots then you don't need code for that, recaptcha should stop those bots registering, as they can't only fill out forms, not perform a recaptcha test.
  13. Make sure you have set the end date correctly.
  14. This module allows you to very easily add your promo videos to your site. You just need to fill out a form on the admin panel and it is all done. You can view a demo of it here You can download it here
  15. Firstly your host is very rude. Secondly, the script that worked before the upgrade is not sending invalid values, the DB is determining they are by itself. Thirdly disabling strict mode won't break sites that have worked fine even after the upgrade. Your host stinks of "I am too lazy to do it lets just tell them to modify the script."
  16. If you have a VPS you can disable it via the Terminal or a SSH program such as Putty. In terminal type the following: nano -w /etc/my.cnf the same with a SSH program. you should be able to edit the config for the db there. look for the line sql_mode= and delete what is there, save and then restart the SQL and strict mode should be off, if not you will have to ask your host.
  17. MYSQL 5.7 can cause problems with phpvms as it by default enables strict mode, which will break your site as pireps will suddenly stop going through. You will need to contact your host to get them to disable it. If you have a VPS or dedicated server you can do that yourself via either the Terminal or an SSH client such as Putty. It seems more and more VA sites are coming up with this problem of PIREPS not submitting, but they get an email saying a PIREP has been filed.
  18. If you have installed my latest module you will need to download the CodeShareData.class.php file and replace the one on your server with the new updated one.
  19. I have created a fairly simple module that will allow you to add a playlist you have made in spotify and have it show on your VA web site, it has the iframe code already in place and just needs a few settings to be added to get it to work. You can download it here You can view a demo here
  20. Different code requires different tags to mark commented out text. in php it can be for 1 line // or for multi line /* */ that is the same with javascript too. In html it is <!-- -->
  21. the landing rate they can't exceed. and make sure it is enabled, and not disabled.
  22. I had edit the insert SQL code for the insertion of data into the db for you but you reinstalled phpvms again, and it would go back to what it was before. I had the pireps working and schedules working for you. Not quite sure why you decided a reinstall was then required after i had gotten those working for you. Ask to see if your host can disable strict mode as i think that might be your cause.
  23. The only version of phpvms that will install without errors into php v7.3 is phpvms v7 which is only in beta testing right now. Make sure you have the settings correctly setup in the admin panel. You need to set the criteria to accept pireps, if it doesn't find or they are not setup it won't work.
  24. Sounds like you have not set it up correctly. If a module is setup correctly, it works, if it is not working then there is something amiss. Is the an admin sidie with settings? Do you have to edit the local.config file to add some lines to it? You have to make sure they are all in if so and you haven't missed anything. Have you added the criteria?
  25. What exactly happens, does it come up with an invalid api key? Or no pop up shows at all? A link to your site might help, it could be you haven't put the link to the JS file in which would cause that problem.
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