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  1. Your site might not show the errors but check the error.log file as it may be recording any errors that are not shown.
  2. By the looks of it, your site is not using PHPVMS. smartCARS will not work with what you are using, as it seems to be a WIX made site, which doesn't have the required files for smartCARS to work. You will need to move from WIX to better use phpvms and smartCARS.
  3. I think what is happening, the system thinks the airline code is the entire schedule detail too, which i think is down to using semicolon instead of just comma. don't use both as you can confuse code by doing that.
  4. Airac 2101 There you go guys
  5. Airac 2014 There you guys go.
  6. Here is AIRAC 2011 phpvms_navdata.sql_(2).zip
  7. kACARS is no longer made as far as i know, so if you can find kacars_free it will work just with basic functionality.
  8. Look for: // If they selected autozoom, only do the zoom first time if (opts.autozoom == true && run_once == false) { map.fitBounds(bounds); run_once = true; } Comment it out. That should stop the zoom when you click on a flight. Do not remove it, so if it doesn't work or it breaks something you can just uncomment it and it will work again.
  9. Strider


    You have dug up an 11 year old thread, no real need for it to be dug up.
  10. If you are using PHPVMS V7 that is still in beta and is not recommended for a production site as it is not complete yet. Also some shared hosting do not have certain elements activated that will allow PHPVMS V7 work properly.
  11. That code will only work if the frontpage is calling to config files if it is not that code won't work. By the sounds of it he wants to implement the map on a web page outside of phpvms, thus your code won't work unless it is making a call to the config files.
  12. are you still logged in? If so it could be permissions, or your table may have gotten corrupted or something didn't transfer correctly. If you have a backup of your own I would suggest uploading that to your db and see if that works.
  13. smartcars v2 will not be updated, you will have to wait for smartcars v3.
  14. Here is airac cycle 2010 for phpvms. phpvms_navdata.sql_(1).zip
  15. phpvms version database version: mysql/mariadb php version It looks like your php version has been updated so that is the first thing to check and see if you can downgrade the php version to an older version.
  16. You can create one easily. you just need to add the column name in the pilots table, then in the registration main form, edit pilot form add the field for it, then edit the registrationdata.class.php file in the add user section also the pilotadmin.php file under save profile case. To have it show on the roster edit the pilots_list.php template file and add the column for it.
  17. PHPVMS is a modified version made by @ProAvia What exactly do you want to do? The variable you listed should work as it is by default there. If there is nothing in the function calling to that column in the db table then it won't work.
  18. It is telling you that there is no access for that username on the database. Make sure you create the database username and password, and give it all permissions. And use those exact username and password. case sensitive.
  19. Check the error_log also try looking for where the schedule insert is located and put INSERT IGNORE where it actually inserts the data into the table. PHPVMS 5.5.2 will install on php v5.6 and phpvms will install onto 7.1. PHPVMS 5.5.2 with some editing will work after installation on php 7.1. Anything higher with those two versions of phpvms has a high likely of having problems.
  20. PHPVMS version? You need to make sure the code for the custom map points to the right table so gets the right info, and you need to be calling the correct files so it can connect to the db.
  21. Please create your own topic, replying to other topics is not the best way to go, also since your problem is completely different to what this topic is about as well. Please have a look at on how best to ask for help.
  22. Today marks Malaysia Virtual Airlines 10th birthday. We have had our ups and downs, our fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds, we have hit some turbulance but have kept on flying. Regards Daniel Counahan CEO of MVA https://malaysiava.org
  23. I got to your pilots list and I can see your pilots and your schedules. Is it just in the admin panel they are not showing up?
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