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    Great skin..!! If you get errors : - home: Fatal error: Call to undefined method TouchdownStatsData::get_landingstats_currentmonth() in/home/yusufbudi1234/public_html/flyid.net/lib/skins/blueIce/frontpage_main.php on line 139 See this thread and jump to post#106. Just insert this on the TouchdownstatsData.class.php public static function get_stats_by_cur_month($howmany) { $query = "SELECT pilotid, code, flightnum, depicao, arricao, aircraft, landingrate, submitdate FROM `".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps` WHERE landingrate < '0' AND MONTH(submitdate)=MONTH(now()) AND YEAR(
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    Managed to install on two servers, all with phpvms 5.5 from simpilot... But, on one server, all page with recaptcha on it, won't display properly Can anybody tell me how to resolve this captcha issue? RESOLVED!! This is what i did... 1. go to https://www.google.c...ntro/index.html, and get your key (public/site key and secret key) 2. set your key on the app.config.php 3. open core_htmlhead.php and add : <script src='https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js'></script> 4. open contact_form.php and registration_mainform.php and then on both files : replace <?php e
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    Allright then... Revert back to tpl version...
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    I don't know exactly...pardon my skill.. i use phpvms 5.5 from simpilot...
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    Hello... I get errors like these... Notice: The template file "/home/sidesti1/public_html//lib/skins/ocean_blue/header.php" doesn't exist in /home/sidesti1/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line231 and Notice: The template file "/home/sidesti1/public_html//lib/skins/ocean_blue/footer.php" doesn't exist in /home/sidesti1/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line231 installed on www.sidestickrider.net What did i do wrong? i can't find the header.php and footer.php.. Regards
  6. Nice add on... Since i run multiple va on my site, how can i sort the aircraft to its airline? Default phpvms didn't group aircraft to airlines, but, can it be done? Regards
  7. Hello Simpilot.. Interested in your module here, but, instead made the point redeemable, can you twist it, so the point will be a requirement for pilot rank upgrade. Let's say that to advance to the rank of captain, pilot must have 100 flight hours, and 100 points. Those 2 criteria must be fulfilled before the pilot can advance to the Pilot rank. Combined with required days and required amount of flights, will made my VA complete. Can you make the module? How much this will cost me? Regards Yusuf Budi
  8. No mas....the default cronjob from the phpvms is safe to run...i also run another custom cron job..and they worked well.
  9. My Guitarist Warrior

  10. From GEG to GFV. Leg 2 for today.

  11. Yay....dapet PK-GFM...

  12. Menghadap Lord of the Earth

  13. Kelaparan di Jogja....

  14. Bapak sekarang udah gak sendiri...sekarang udah ada dua cucu yang nemenin disana......Noordiati Tjondronegoro Elok Noorahmia Indah Hafidias Renny A. Sugesti Fahrisa Irdianto

  15. Alhamdulillah...Inna lillahi wa inna lillahi rojiun...

  16. where i have to put that code? i am new to phpvms...
  17. hello i am totally new to phpvms and its script....learning by doing now.. i had the same problem on the first quote, the answer obviously pretty clear on the second quote..but, where i can get the popupnews_list.tpl file? do i have to create it myself? if so, can anybody show me how?
  18. ternyata hotlinking protection yg bikin ngaco....

  19. ini aslinya mas Danny..no edit persion

  20. something is coming right at you..

  21. Nice skin..use it already with some color customized. i already used it...but i can't get the new showed up. i already installed the from simpilot PopUpNews module. can you show me how to configure it? thanks
  22. sudah 2 kali teamspeak ngacoin flight saya.......f***!!!!

  23. hi...my VA already use this facilities...and it works well but i'm curious whether i can see the pilot answer during exam? not just his score... i saw view/edit records at the pilot, but i can not clicked it.. so...anyway i can see the pilot exam question after he finished the exam? i need to see on which part he fail.... thanks
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