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  1. Ok - without editing anything from yesterday, the map displays in Chrome - but not in IE11. Is it possible to get it working in IE11 also?
  2. I tried to implement this yesterday on my test site without success. All I get is a white background - no map, no nothing. Used my (non-crewcenter) skin and also tried with the Crystal skin. Version phpVMS 5.5.2 I download the v2 repository and used the files from there to compare to mine. My acarsmap.php is slightly modified and I applied the edits there - but I also tried using the default file. My route_map.php is highly modified (for kACARSII) from the default, so I disn't try modifying it - used the defauly instead. Later today I will try again - using my backed up original fil
  3. Cool thanks! Will be moving over this week.
  4. I would like to know this as well. The Google email I got stated that at present, we don't come close to exceeding the $200 monthly credit - but I don't want to give them my credit card number either.
  5. Update on this topic..... While I thought I had fixed the issue by running maintenance in the admin panel, the issue resurfaced a few days later. I was able to increase the "memory_limit" in the php.ini file and also needed to add an entry in .htaccess as we are on shared hosting. Our hosting company actually had an info page explaining what needed to be done. Of course, this created another issue. The time function on our site was messed up and several modules through an error. Adding "date.timezone="UTC" to php.ini rectified this. Timezone can be set for any desired timezone - see
  6. Can you manually add a single schedule from the admin panel? Are airports and aircraft already added - prior to schedule import? phpVMS version? PHP version? Have you tried adding a smaller number of schedules at one time? Trying to add 10,000 schedules at once might be an issue. Try adding 100 schedules to see if they import.
  7. Are the schedules listed in the actual database table "schedules"? Can you access the schedules from the admin panel?
  8. http://www.tosi-online.de/XPUIPC/XPUIPC.html
  9. We have had one pilot using XP since late 2014 - using kACARS_Free. Have one of your XP pilots try it out. As long as they have XPUIPC installed correctly, it should communicate with kACARS_Free.
  10. You can use kACARS with X-Plane on a PC. X-Plane pilots will also need XPUIPC installed in XP. This works for XP10 and XP11. Pilots on a MAC will need to use XACARS.
  11. Thanks Jimbo - the option to roll back to an earlier php version has been removed from our CPanel a few years back. I went into the maintenamce options in phpVMS and ran the last 4 items.... Reset cached shedule routes, Reset cached PIREP routes, Clear cache and Optimize tables. That cleared the error and dashboard now loads correctly. Hopefully the next time this happens, I'll remember what to do.....
  12. Starting this morning, we show the following error in the Admin Panel: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30033 bytes) in /home/xxxxx/public_html/va_name/phpvms/core/classes/ezdb/ezdb_mysqli.class.php on line 287 Line 287: $result->close(); phpVMS 5.5.2 - default admin skin - no files changed for several weeks Sidepanel shows fine and can navigate within sidepanel menus php 5.6.18 - been on this version for a while Anyone have any ideas on what to check for? TIA!
  13. So you are using phpVMS 5.5.2? I believe all your template files should be php then. And you may have to check all files in the modules for references to ".tpl" and change to ".php"
  14. I think your template file is missing.... .../core/templates/SimBrief/SimBrief.php Re-upload that file and see if it fixes your issue.
  15. Don't know if it makes a difference or not, but my rank images are in '/lib/images/ranks/' http://www.sitename.com/lib/images/ranks/rankimage.png In any case, make sure your images are actually located in the path you show in the ranks table.
  16. For the first one - on line 812 - change 'public function' to 'public static function' For the second - post the full URL for the ranks from the ranks table in the database so we can see if there is a formatting error.
  17. Something is messed up with the link format. List the full link URL here or PM to me and I'll have a look
  18. You may have to change all the rank links. Originally I had absolute links, but changed to relative when I changed from HTTP to HTTPS - because I was advised it would make things easier in the future. This is when the isssue surfaced when approving PIREPS. I investigated and found the issue when regenerating signatures also. I have not seen it in Registration - but we don't use the default phpVMS module for that. Anything that has to do with rank image in PirepDataClass seems to produce the error. EDIT: try running the regenerate signatures from Admin, Site & Settings, Maintenanc
  19. I believe that error has to do with the rank image link in the ranks table being a relative link (/lib/images/ranks/rankimage.png) instead of an absolute link (http://sitename.com/lib/images/ranks/rankimage.png). I encountered this issue when approving PIREPS and regenerating signatures. In your caae - as a registration error - I guess it's happening when it attempts to assign a rank image to a new pilot. Changing the link in the table from relative to absolute should resolve the issue.
  20. Glad you could get connected! It was just a guess on my part - when comparing the info you posted and what I saw in xacars. As to your new issue - I am not sure. I only started xacars without FSX or XP running. The data displayed in your picture appears to be HTML coding. No idea where it's coming from. Hopefully someone with more insight will be along shortly.
  21. I'm assuming that Xacars opens. Look in the xacars.ini file, located in the same folder as the main xacars program. Is there a "Password = your_password_here" line after the "user" line? If not, add it (and your password). If the password is there - In the ini file, try changing the 'https' to 'http' in the Address, PIREP and FlightInfo lines. Not sure if that will correct the issue or not - but that's how it is in my ini file. My site is HTTPS, but the ini file was generated before the switch.
  22. Do you have a backup of the schedules table or of the database? If so, you should be able to import (using phpMyAdmin) the original schedules table - if not, I believe you are out of luck.
  23. I am getting this same error when approving PIREPS or regenerating signatures Warning: imagecreatefromstring(): Empty string or invalid image in /core/common/PilotData.class.php on line 1016 Line 1016 reads: $rankimg = imagecreatefromstring($rankimg); I believe it is related to how 'rankimage' is listed in the ranks table of the DB. If the full URL (https://site_name.com/lib/images/ranks/rankimage.png) is listed, the rank image shows. If a relative URL (/lib/images/ranks/rankimage.png) is listed, the error shows. I have a relative URL set for the rank image - since changing the
  24. Are you using the Xacars config file from your site? You will need to be logged into your site prior to downloading it. https://www.scootvirtual.net/action.php/acars/xacarsconfig
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