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  1. Our host just informed us that they will be upgrading to php7.2 and removing php 5.6 in the next few months. Does anyone know if phpVMS 5.5.2 will work without issue on php 7.2? If it won't work, any idea of what needs to be changed? Guess I'm going to have to install wamp again and set it up with the hosting companys current version to test things out locally.
  2. For Central.Data.class.php - mine is exactly the same.... except line 197. take out the 198 on that line. Should read 197 foreach($children as $key => $value) { As for kACARSII.... if you are still having issues, you may want to post on the FS-Products forums (as that program is payware).
  3. What version of phpVMS are you using? What are the contents of line 198 in CentralData.class.php? What are the contents of line 644 in kACARSII.php?
  4. It appears you are using an invalid site key. Go to Google and get a Public and Private key - here's a guide: Google ReCaptcha Keys
  5. Have they all updated their xacars.ini file? Have them re-download from your site. If that doesn't fix it, check all files in the Xacars module and change any references there from http to https.
  6. Post the contents of your IVAO.php file here - and also post line 21 separately below that.
  7. Look in all files associated with this module and change all http to https. I believe yours isn't working correctly because your site is https and the sites you are attempting to access from your site are still shown as http in the files. simBrief supports https.
  8. It seems that sometimes it takes a few days for someone to clean things up. Do moderators have the ability to delete posts and ban members, or are these functions for admins only? I wonder if there is any way to easily change the challenge question or recaptcha to make registering a bit more difficult? Anyone know if the IP address is recorded each time someone registers? Can users be banned by IP?
  9. Are you using the default admin panel skin? Possibly something is amiss with the schedule import option. Have you tried adding a few schedules directly to the DB schedules table?
  10. What version of phpVMS? What skin are you using? Does it work if you revert to the default (crystal) skin? Have you checked the database to see if the data was actually saved?
  11. I haven't seen that before. No idea what's happening. Hopefully someone more experienced than me will be able to further assist you.
  12. Are there any errors in the admin log relating to this?
  13. I believe the chart is from .../core/common/GoogleChart.class.php and/or .../core/lib/gChart/gChart.php. Not sure if it requires Flash to be installed or not. There must be data (PIREPS) available in the last 30 days. If "Loading" and just keeps spinning, maybe Flash needs to be installed/enabled for that browser???? Number of Guests is from .../admin/templates/dashboard.php - line 7. This is the number of connections that are not logged in (at the particular moment you load the admin page). The function is in StatsData.class.php around line 328. EDIT: IE11 displays the chart. Chrome
  14. What version of phpVMS are you using? What browser are you using to view the main admin page?
  15. You will see these kinds of errors - usually when using modules that were written before phpVMS 5.5 was released. Lots of posts in the forums about this. In ".../core/common/" open TopPilotData.class.php (use something like Notepad++ to open the file). Change all "public function ...." to "public static function ..." . Save, re-upload to your server and see if that fixes it.
  16. Is the phpVMS version 5.5.2? IIRC - It should show the version number in the bottom right corner of the main admin panel page. Don't know if this is a factor - but have you entered both the private and public reCAPTCHA keys you got from Google into the local.config.php file?
  17. Here's the log file contents mentioned above - [29-Oct-2018 10:50:26 UTC] PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant OBJECT - assumed 'OBJECT' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /home/flyinter/pilots.flyinternationaluk.com/core/codon.config.php on line 80 [29-Oct-2018 10:50:26 UTC] PHP Deprecated: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in /home/flyinter/pilots.flyinternationaluk.com/core/classes/Config.class.php on line 117 [29-Oct-2018 10:50:26 UTC] PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object t
  18. What version of phpVMS? Default (crystal) skin or another skin? Any errors in the error logs?
  19. Without listing the exact errors you are seeing, it is nearly impossible to assist you. I would suggest picking one skin you intend to use. Check which version of phpVMS it will work in - for example, I believe BlueIce only will work in v5.5.2 . Install the skin to the listed phpVMS version. Then, post the exact errors you are getting. Trying to make multiple skins work all at the same time will only lead to frustration and confusion. Get one skin working and then move on to the next if you still want to try another skin.
  20. Both presently show the Crystal skin. The v2 install has an error on the registration page. What skin do you intend to use on each version?
  21. Some skins are version specific. Post what version you are using, the name of the skin and exactly what the error is. Also, does it load correctly with the default Crystal skin? Website URL?
  22. Search here for "no routes passed" - it's usually a JavaScript error Here's one thread about it.... https://forum.phpvms.net/topic/7524-bidding-system-solved/?tab=comments#comment-49971
  23. Not sure where it is in the code..... Inactive is the same as retired. On an individual basis the pilot can be returned to active status by going to Admin panel, Pilots & Groups, View all Pilots. Then edit that specific pilot and change their status from inactive. If you don't want all pilots to auto-retire after a certain number of days being inactive - in local.config.php, change PILOT_AITO_RETIRE to false. Another option would be to change the PILOT_INACTIVE_TIME to a higher number of days. # After how long to mark a pilot inactive, in days Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_RET
  24. ProAvia


    I don't think the port matters. If it did, it would have been mentioned in the documentation or on the developers site. As far as I know, kACARS uses the site URL to connect. And since you have issues getting all ACARS clients (kACARS and several other reporting systems) to connect, the issue is with your site.
  25. What version of phpVMS? What version of PHP? Have you turned on error reporting? Any errors in the error log? Using Google Maps or another map provider? Have you attempted to connect with one of the free PIREP programs to rule out an issue with SmartCARS? Have you reverted back to HTTP to see if HTTPS might be the issue?
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