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  1. File permissions issue? Host settings issue? - I'm leaning to your host. It worked on old host and now doesn't on new host. I have no idea what to search for or what to ask them though.
  2. Have you tried installing a fresh copy along side your existing one? Maybe make a copy of the DB and tie that copy to the new install - after making sure the new install works with a fresh DB.
  3. phpVMS version? SimPilot 5.5.2 or something else? I'm not sure why it is submitting the PIREP (email of submittal being received) and not showing in the DB. I'm using 5.5.2, kACARSII custom, php 5.6.18 and haven't had any issues. Maybe something with the DB or possibly one of the associated files.
  4. I'm guessing you fixed the first error by changing CodonEvent.class.php line 104 (for version 5.5.2) from public function to public static function.... What version of phpVMS are you using? Have you tried using kACARS_Free to see if the same issue occurs? Anything in the error log on the Admin side?
  5. Sorry, I messed up the copy/paste in my previous response. Here's the correct one.... href="<?php echo url('/schedules/addbid/?id='.$schedule->id);?>">Add to Bid</a> Notice the "id" after ".$schedule->" Hopefully that works for you
  6. I believe we are using an addon module for schedule search. And that is why my schedule_results.php file has more lines. In any case, in both your code snippets, make the href= line after "if (Auth: :LoggedIn( ) )" the same as my last code snippet - and see if that fixes the issue. From if(Auth::LoggedIn()) {  ?> <a id="<?php echo $schedule->id; ?>" class="addbid" href="<?php echo url('/schedules/addbid');?>">Add to Bid</a> <?php } To if (Auth::LoggedIn()) { ?><a id="<?php echo $schedule-&g
  7. This worked for me - but YMMV..... Look in schedule_results.php on about line 103. Edit the file in your chosen skin folder - if it's not in your chosen skin folder, use the file in core/templates and place in your chosen skin folder. If yours is href="<?php echo url('/schedules/addbid');?>">Add to Bid</a> Change it to href="<?php echo url('/schedules/addbid/?id='.$schedule->id);?>">Add to Bid</a> Back up your original file first......
  8. ProAvia


    What does line 3 in 'frontpage_recentpilots.php' say?
  9. If you access the database, phpvms_settings table (default table name) - you should be able to change the skin name there. Installed skin names are in lib/skins.
  10. In local.config there is a setting under acars - i think the default is set to 720 minutes (12 hours). Reduce this to 15 minutes or so and see if that better suits your needs.
  11. Go here and have a look around: http://fs-products.net/ . You will need the kACARS site files installed on your site and the client to install on each users system.
  12. http://fs-products.net/ is back up
  13. Stand by - I will attempt to contact him. Edit: He's out of the office (day job) until 8/1. Hopefully he will fix the site after his return.
  14. "You have reached a domain that was pending verification by ICANN rules but has been verified. It can take 24 to 48 hours for the website to come back online." Should be back up within 24-48 hours according to the message posted there.
  15. Windows or Mac computer? If Mac, I think XACARS is the only one that will work. If on Windows have a look at kACARS (there is a freeware as well as a payware option), SmartCARS (payware). There are a few others I've seen mentioned on the site, but I have no personal knowledge of them. From personal experience, X-Plane 10 and 11 work with kACARS and kACARSII on Windows based computers. XPUIPC is required to be installed in XP for either to work.
  16. I don't believe phpVMS will delete the pilot record in the database. If it did, it would delete the pilot's hpurs as well. This would affect the VA's total hours (and possibly the financials as well) - so best to leave "retired" pilots in the database. As for the pilot's status changing to a "3"(LOA) instead of a "1"(Retired), i have no idea how to fix that.
  17. It only appears to be in your News Center. Are you using a module for News Center? Also, compare the News Center page to the Seven Seas Air Cargo page (where it appears you also have leading spaces) to see what the differences are between the two.
  18. Phpvms 5.5.x uses .php files for the templates. Did you install the php files in place of the tpl files? I believe this is outlined in the instructions.
  19. The acars map shows the planned route. Is there a way to show the actual flown route (thus far) on the acars map? Since the aircraft bubble updates on the acars map, the data should be available. TIA!
  20. Not sure - I'm still on Win7. I'm going to reinstall the OSM update again tomorrow and have a look around in IE11.
  21. Add time zone to your php.ini. The example below is for UTC, but you can choose any time zone you want. date.timezone = "UTC"
  22. Tried it again - still the IE issue. Even tried from a different computer thinking maybe IE on my computer is messed up. Reverted back to original Google Maps files for now. Will attempt again in a few days. It's got to be an IE issue as I cannot see the acars map on Heritage1's site either using IE. http://seairtransport.net/crewcenter/index.php/acars Same issue at flyalaska's site using IE: http://www.flyaka.com/index.php/acars Must be a setting in my IE as flyalaska says it's working for him.
  23. Thanks Nabeel. I'll have a look this afternoon.
  24. Oh - it's entirely possible. I'll look again tomorrow. Thanks!
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