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  1. You need to add it to the form before you generate the simbrief flight plan
  2. if you do a print_r($this->get->page); what result do you get ? i do not remember if the modules started with a capital letter
  3. Try bellow code if($this->get->page == 'login' or $this->get->page == 'registration') { if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { Template::Show('app_top.php'); } else { Template::Show('app_top1.php'); } } <?php // var_dump($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); if($this->get->page == 'login' or $this->get->page == 'registration') { if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { Template::Show('app_top.php'); } } ?> <div id="content"> <?php echo $page_content; ?> </div> <?php if($this->get->page == 'login' or $this->get->page == 'registration') { if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { Template::Show('app_bottom.php'); } } ?>
  4. so if i understand well it is working
  5. no idea will need or the logs if you have enabled them or access to the ftp of your server
  6. ok so when you say it doesnt work that means it doesnt autoaccept the pireps, it accepts everything , it declines everything , anything else ? Because with this setup all the pireps should be accepted
  7. i need a screenshot of the criteria page in the admin menu and a pirep link
  8. did you read the readme file ?
  9. i will ask the obvious but here it goes. did you put the phpvms module in the modules folder ? Also what errors do you get ?
  10. I am still alive as you can see from my post's . the opensource that you can find on github is for phpvms 5 so i dont think you can make it work without a major rewriting
  11. Can you provide a screenshot of the insert New va form ?
  12. download xamp or wamp there are plenty of tutorials for both platforms
  13. New Version up Uninstall previous versions
  14. Wait 30 minutes i will upload new version
  15. There is no VMSAcars Module in the default phpvms 7 setup Do you have a link where i can download the VMSAcars so i can have a look at what you mean because i think you confused your self somewhere
  16. What do you mean VMSAcar module ? this is a Acars software for PHPVms 7 there is no need for a module
  17. can you provide a link of a working and a non working page ?
  18. there should be an error log in your ftp area . attach it here and maybe we can figure out what is happening
  19. The module reads the log and if the words are found then the points are applied, if it is written in the log i think it should work
  20. Cn you please tell me what fields where empty so i can adjust the error ? thanks
  21. Do you want to share with the rest how you made it work ?
  22. The module that is used for the Opensource is on GitHub https://github.com/vangelisb/APVacars_PHPvms_Module
  23. This one is the one that i have tested and working
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