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  1. Yes it does work with the latest version of phpvms7. Opensource was the previous version this version is not .
  2. APVacars Software For PHPvms Version 7 View File APVacars Software For PHPvms Version 7 Submitter Vangelis Submitted 02/27/18 Category Add-ons
  3. check jquery versions you cannont have 3 diferent versions
  4. I need a website addres and a test username and password in order to help you
  5. To be honest i didnt uderstand what exacly is that you want to do
  6. A test account should be ok if needed i will let you know about the files
  7. are you on a free hosting ? as phpvms is not working well with free hosting
  8. did you get an api key from simbrief ? also can you make a test user so i can login as i cant have direct acces to the schedules page
  9. And again what is your website address ?
  10. https://github.com/vangelisb/Simbrief
  11. You have a lot of schedules wich your new server cannot import, drop the db and use this to import the sql http://www.ozerov.de/bigdump/
  12. Do you have a paid hosting ? If yes is it a linux hosting ? What is your website address ?
  13. https://www.cloud-coach.net/general/kindness/ have a look at this
  14. edit PirepAcData.class.php and where "public function" replace with "public static function" in the line of your error .
  15. http://baggelis.com/autopirep0.zip
  16. As far as i know it is hard coded in each acars software you could replace the text with a function
  17. sorry i meant a pirep where we can see what is writen when you have simrate 2x and above
  18. just copy and paste the line from your acars software if you give a link of a pirep i will be able to tell you
  19. It should work with a phpvms versions ensure that you installed it correctly
  20. can you both enable the logs and attach them ?
  21. Have a look at case http://php.net/manual/en/control-structures.switch.php
  22. I didnt got anything not in my email nor in pm of the forum
  23. there should not be such code as the login script uses action.php where there is no such code have a look at this test login http://baggelis.com/phpvms/action.php/APVacars?data=verify&pilotID=VBA0001&password=yourpassword
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