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  1. Please make sure you have the latest version of phpvms also make sure your schedules are complete (airline's fleet etc) with first change I will make the error handling in a better way
  2. You need a cms for this and phpvms is one of many available. I would suggest to see how wamp or xamp works in order to set it up locally and see what the platform can do
  3. I have some free time to moderate if you want
  4. For start phpvms v7 is still in alpha stage and you should not use it for a live website . can yoy provide a username a password and the link of your site to have a look at the error ?
  5. Do you have any schedules ? i can seem to find any
  6. Just wondering can we do something with the spam posts?
  7. Vangelis


    it depends on the complexity for example is the template from scratch or a ready html template convertion ?
  8. Vangelis


    All the acars for phpvms 5.* use the post and get protocol with the included php bridge file
  9. can you send me a admin username and password ?
  10. Uninstall all versions and then install with the new exe and press ok on this message it says that the installer is for evaluation purposes
  11. New version up for APVacars V2 for PHPvms 7 https://forum.phpvms.net/files/file/14-acars-software-for-phpvms-version-7/
  12. at the moment there is an issue with the api not sending the bids i have opened an ticket fo nabeel to have a look at it
  13. even if you update at the moment there is an issue in phpvms where the api for some reason does not send me the bids
  14. You forgot to mention witch phpvms version you use
  15. Patience is a virtue my mother always said For start we need a test username and password for you va in order to check what might be the problem.
  16. Can you open a post in the forum as at the moment you are commenting under the download thanks
  17. for start display a screenshot off the error
  18. You have to add a new va via the option the api key is located in the pilot profile and for each pilot it is diferent
  19. I lost you to be honest what you are writing now means that you don't use utc times
  20. You need to get in contact with smartacars as far as i know they do not use the standard phpvms pirep filling
  21. Please provide website address and a test pilot username & password
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